Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Part 10: Till We Meet Again

August 3, 2016: In the Temple of Light, Lightning found Fang killing monsters. How did she get there ahead of Light?
Vanille sounds… different.
Light and Fang convinced Vanille to listen to the souls. She realized that they didn’t want to be destroyed, but the High Priestess tried to force her to finish the Soulsong anyway.

That was when our hero came to the rescue. Snow smashed through the roof and destroyed the clavis. The High Priestess was atomized in its light. She won’t be missed.
Snow: “Am I late?”
Fang and Vanille held each other as they guided the lost souls to the Ark. Light told them that the lost souls were saved, as well as their own.
Vanille: “Thank you.”
The bell began to rang. Yeul and Lumina appeared. Lumina told Light that Serah’s soul was inside of her. Lumina was a “tomb” made by Light for that purpose.
Lumina seemed sad to vanish. Serah appeared briefly only to disappear as well.
Bhunivelze appeared, using Hope as a vessel, and he stole he souls of Light’s friends. She had to track God down in her final act of rebellion.
The emptiness that Light felt was from creating Lumina.
This game just won’t end – but I don’t really mind because four optional rooms let you get some unique spells. These have huge Active Time Battle cost, but do more damage if Light has less HP. How very Dark Knight.
I have finally discovered the joys of stealing enemies’ buffs for my own.
Unlocked Novice Artist. May as well try customizing a garb’s color scheme before the end of the game. 29/42
Archangels are irritating.
Complete all of the trials to get Ultima Weapon, which “brims with Serah’s unfulfilled wishes”.
Unlocked Crimson Rebirth. 30/42
It’s the sword that Light broke in the game’s intro when she crashed Snow’s palace.
It’s time to judge this game on its more important merit: the fashion~
Equilibrium: Light’s default look. I like the collar, bustier, and armguards.
Innocence: A variation of Equilibrium with white cloth dominating the look. I dig the kicky skirt and strappy shoes.

Dark Muse: I dig the white/gold/red midriff-baring shirt and gold chaps.

Dark Muse
Shadow Trooper: The armor is cool, but from a practical standpoint, there ain’t a lot of it. 😛

Shadow Trooper
Vengeance: A cool look with more balanced armor placement.
Candy Raver: A more candy-colored version of Dark Muse with pink chaps.

Candy Raver
Velvet Bouncer: A dapper purple suit. One of Light’s more masculine looks. Reminds me of a bulter.
Midnight Mauve: A gorgeous, plum-colored dress.
Watery Chorus: One of her more revealing looks. I dig the half-skirt that goes from blue to purple.

Watery Chorus
Electronica: A variant of Dark Muse with some cool and shiny yellow material.

Electronica. Kind of beelike, isn’t it?
Rhapsody in Rose: A delightfully pink garb.

Rhapsody in Rose
Champagne Gold: A golden variant of Midnight Mauve.

Champagne Gold
Sacred Knight: Fancy white armor.
Dark Knight: A dark variant of Sacred Knight with spiky pauldrons.

Dark Knight
Dragoon: A purple variant of Sacred Knight. These pauldrons have spiky fins on them.

Mi’qote Dress: The dress of a mi’qote from Final Fantasy XIV.
These aren’t all of the garbs. Some are accessible only on Hard.
Mog wanted to fight alongside Light, but she told him to stay behind to be Serah’s lighthouse. His bobble would be the beacon.
Light promised to drag Bhunivelze into the Chaos.
She was being groomed as the new goddess of death by Bhunivelze.




Light battled God to a standstill. He tried to drag her into the Chaos. She stabbed God with the knife that she once gave to Hope, so that she could free him and save his soul. The last soul she would save.

Hope awakened. He called for Light. She opened up a door to light the way for him.

It’s a new world,” she said. “A world of hope.”

He saw his parents. His mother reached out for him.

Light: “You are their hope.”

She had to stay behind to control the Chaos. She urged Hope to go to the new world and live.

Serah: “Don’t leave me. I don’t want to be alone.”

She said that she was a fake made by God.

Lumina revealed that she was Light when she was younger. When she locked her emotions away, to be “strong”.

The fake Serah said, “You deserve to be alone.”

So Light just ran away by sealing her emotions.

She fell into the darkness and begged Serah to stay with her.

Lumina reappeared and hugged her. Then, Hope grabbed her hand.

Hope: “Let’s go. We’ll be together.”

Serah. You came to save me. Even though you were never real.”

The fake Serah said, “God hadn’t given me a heart, but even so, I could dream. I was just a lie, a fake. But the feelings became real.

I love you. I always have.”

God tried to raze the galaxy. Light and Hope tried to fight him off with their Eidolons, Odin and Alexander. Then, they were joined by Noel, Snow and Shiva, Vanille and Hecatoncheire, and Fang and Bahamut. Their combined might stunned God.

Sazh and Dajh emerged from the river of souls. Light used their power to impale God in the chest, destroying him.

The party reunited on Bhunivelze’s corpse. Caius and the Yeuls appeared. They were going to take over Etro’s role, but Noel didn’t want Yeul to die. Caius released Yeul from her destiny as seeress so that she and Noel could be together. I think it couldn’t have been done if Yeul didn’t love Noel. All of those Yeuls sacrificed themselves so that one of them would be happy.

Light reflected on her journeys with everyone. She cried a single tear. “It’s time.”

Serah snuggled Mog and told him they’d meet again.

Freed from their gods and their lack of human understanding, the souls flowed over the new world.

Tri-ACE helped development on this game.

Ooh, they play an orchestral remix of “Blinded by Light” during the credits.

FF Super Fan 2012 Andre Weiss?

They give thanks to all Square Enix staff and all FF fans.

Playtime: 70:46:59

And so Fabula Nova Chrysalis comes to an end, with the promise that we’ll be together again someday.

Unlocked A Legend from Times Past. 31/42

This game is a mixed bag. The gameplay is fun, but also feels a bit empty and repetitive.

The story still has plenty of feels, but Serah being a “fake” that still gains sisterly feelings for Light is a bit wishy-washy and a bittersweet ending for Serah.

Bhunivelze was easier than Orphand and the Bahamuts, but then again, I did play on Easy.

The very last part of the ending is very controversial. It shows Light in casual modern clothes in a modern setting. She steps off of a train in the countryside and declares that she knows she’ll meet someone precious to her again. Which one? Completely up to interpretation, but it’s probably Serah.

A tie-in novella implies that it’s Hope.

I wonder if maybe I was a bit too hard on the game after I beat it. I have fond memories of it; the graphics (despite the engine being slightly dated), the art design of the world and the menus, the fashions, the unique gameplay, the music, and the story and themes. It’s a pretty good resolution.

I don’t think someone who hadn’t played the previous games (or looked up their summaries) would get as much out of LR:FFXIII as those who had.

There was some controversy over how Light got a slight physical makeover for a fanservice angle. Her breasts went from a Japanese B-cup to a C-cup. Not all of her garbs emphasize her chest, though. Some of them make her chest look downright flat (causing several passersby – usually women – to confuse her for a man). But some of her garbs are very fanservice-oriented and at odds with her previous characterization. To the game’s credit, however, the story is all business, and doesn’t degrade Light with clichéd fanservice scenarios, like, say, a quest involving a hot springs. Huh… Is LR:FXIII less sexist than Final Fantasy X-2? Jeez…

In a conversation unrelated to Final Fantasy, one of my friends brought up the issue of consent with fanservice costumes. Does the character have a say in what they wear? Do they enjoy showing themselves off? In this sense, LR:FXIII fails Light, but the story doesn’t demean her in any way. It’s downright celibate compared to some of the garbs. And unlike X-2, not all of the garbs are inspired by classic Final Fantasy jobs, so they can’t lean on references as an excuse.

In hindsight, I appreciate how Ali Hills got to voice Light in all of her appearances, and she did a good job. Consider how rare it is for a character in a game series to get that treatment; not even Snake did.

Some notes on New Game Plus and Hard Mode. When you start a New Game Plus, you can continue from your postgame save, carrying over all of your garbs, shields, swords, items, and abilities, but what’s this? Light acknowledges a sense of déja vu and discusses it with Hope. Spooky!

There are 13 (heh) garbs exclusive to Hard Mode. They include:

  1. Black Rose

  • Crimson Bloom

  • Dark Orchid

  • Duelist

  • Icy White

  • Violent Twilight

These are the ones that I like the look of the most of the new ones on Hard. Which garb was your favorite?

I had a total of 13 saves for this game. It wasn’t planned, it just happened. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


A few songs from LR:FFXIII made it into Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call, as did Light’s Savior incarnation as a separate character from FFXIII Light. And of course, Light appears in the newest DISSIDIA game for arcades and PS4.