Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Part Nine: Eyes Front

May 14, 2016: Helped a researcher piece together a flight recorder, but we couldn’t really make sense of what was on it. A pilot screamed mayday and saw something “impossible”. It sounded like a girl coughing. If it was the moment that the Chaos spewed forth from the temple, it could have been the Yeuls. Light and the researcher wondered if it was Etro.

Remember the fuzzy sheep in Final Fantasy XIII that Vanille wanted to squeeze ’til they popped? They’re in the small Aryas Village in the Wildlands. Dr. Sheep is one of the people who takes care of them. He says that he has no idea how they reproduce. Well, you see, when two sheep love each other very much…

The sky in the Dead Dunes looks amazing. You can see a planet with rings, which is really uncomfortably close…

Maybe Gaia or Spira is out there somewhere.

July 29, 2016: Little lizards are surprisingly hard to find.

I totally forgot about the guy, Lennet, who asked Light out on a date! O.O

That’s an actual quest, not just a Canvas of Prayers request.

Looking for a league of lizards in the Dead Dunes. Yes, it’s come to this: hunting tiny, innocent lizards for their tails.

The default battle theme for the Dunes sounds like it came from a Devil May Cry game.

It would be sweet if one of the moogles called her Thunder Lady like they did in DISSIDIA Duodecim.

July 30, 2016: Wildlands quests. Light found an old guy who claimed to be Sarala’s grandfather before he walked it back.

The skill Beat Down has a high Stagger rate, which helps against Chocobo/Earth Eaters.

I didn’t even know you could attack those little lizards. ALL THE WASTED YEARS!

July 31, 2016: On the dawn of the 12th day, Light met Cid again. Or rather, someone who used Cid’s form to speak for lost souls. He said that Chaos was in everyone’s souls, and it was an immense untapped power.

Vanille’s Soulsong could save souls lost to Chaos as well, but Light would have to discover how and tell her. The only way for the Savior to do that was to find Serah’s soul…

Cid was so handsome.

He finished their chat by snapping his fingers, just like how he kicked off that race back in FFXIII. The same race that Light and the other l’Cie crashed on their return to Cocoon.

Once you learn that Cid is a l’Cie, he seems burdened and alone with a fate that he couldn’t share with anyone.

Hope said that Bhunivelze could pluck Serah’s soul from Light’s body, but Serah would be forever changed.

Light heard a rumor that someone who looked like Sarala’s father, Cole, was wandering around Aryas Vllage.

So you thought that Cole was dead? Well THINK AGAIN, because he faked his death so that Sarala would find her way in life on her own. After all, Cole didn’t until his stubborn father died…

Cole begged Light to keep his true fate a secret, but she decides to investigate further when she realizes that a guy fitting the description of Cole’s father was holed up at the Research Camp…

It Runs in the Family

The Stubborn Old Man was Cole’s grandfather. He had Light arrange a meeting with him, Sarala, and Cole. Cole and his father explained their reasons for faking their deaths to Sarala. Cole then explained that he was searching for his long-lost wife.

Light believed that the family would one day be reunited again.

August 1, 2016: Cactaurs are pretty cute and funny in this game.

Sometimes, those little lizards don’t drop a Lizard Tail, but an Unappraised Item.

Lennet asked Light out because his fiancée died. He wanted to watch the fireworks with Light because his fiancée loved them.

TBH, it’s hard to not just skip to meeting Vanille. I know that the only thing I have left to do is grind monsters to try to get their Omega variants.

Gaunts suck, but I’ve killed them all.

You can cut the tails off of Zomok dragons to knock them down temporarily.

Light wonders if Snow holds nightly fireworks to east the hurt of losing Serah. 😦

Unlocked Queen of the Arena. 27/42

The Providence garb gives me some Elvis vibes.

August 2, 2016: Hope said that there used to be 26 hours in a day. The extra two hours were lost when the Chaos came.

Unlocked Beyond Thirteen. 28/42

If you have enough Eradia to unlock the 14th Day, you are thrust into the Ultimate Lair when you leave the Ark. In the Lair, you fight Omega versions of monsters, unless you’ve already slain them in the outside world.

Light found Vanille in the Order’s church. She was happy to see Light, but she was also nervous…

Lumina appeared and hugged Vanille. Light was not so happy to see the little scamp. “You again?”

Vanille took them to a back room with a huge Chaos infusion.

She felt the pain of every soul like a dagger in her heart. If she didn’t perform the Soulsong, the energy generated by the souls would destroy the world forever.

Hope said that the Lair was Bhunivelze’s testing ground for new species. He used Soul Seeds to make them. But where did he get the Seeds?

Zero Hour

The Lair makes some creepy noises the further down you go. Or so I thought, until I realized that was the BGM.

Hope asks what will happen to him when Vanille saves the dead.

Light: “Hope? What’s going on?”

What’ll happen to my soul?”

Day 14 – The Final Day

Hope appeared before Light to say goodbye. She reached out to grab his hand, but he was intangible. “It’s too late for me now.”

Bhunivelze didn’t need him anymore. It was harder for him to say farewell than he thought it would be. “But he still needs you, and you can help the others. Will you do that for me?

Vanille intends to go through with the Soulsong, and throw her life away.”

Light had to tell Vanille the truth. Hope trusted her to do the right thing.

Hope reminds Light that when they first met all those centuries ago, she told him, “Keep your eyes front. I’ll watch the rear.”

She said that he failed to get his back.

But you did. More times than you know. I’m not scared. Not even now.”


He vanished.

Mog took over as mission control of the Ark. “I can’t leave you all alone, kupo. I have a message for you, kupo. And here it is: No matter what happens… keep your eyes front.”

Light: “And, in the meantime, you’ve got my back, right?”

You’ve got it, kupo!”

Back in Luxerion, Lumina explained how souls survive in the Chaos. Peoples’ memories of the dead trap them in un-death. Noel’s memories of Yuel and Caius kept them bound to this world. If they were forgotten, they would die their true and final deaths.

Light needed to run to the church, but Lumina clung to her hand. She begged Light to stay with her, but Light ran off.

Lumina collapsed onto her knees, cried a lone tear, and vanished.

When Light crashed the cathedral, sentries and a Chimera stood in her way. But then, Noel arrived. He knew there was only one reason why Light would defy Bhunivelze, so Noel joined her. He kept the Chimeras busy while Light went down into the basement.