Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Part Four: Reverse Moon

Got the Holy Symbol relic. It’s a snorkel. You, too, can “enjoy” the frustrating emptiness of the submerged parts of the Caverns. But you’ll go there anyway, because you need map completion percentage.

With the Spikebreaker Armor, Power of Mist, and the Jewel of Unlock, you can finally get into the western room off of the vertical shaft in the Royal Chapel. Here, Alucard meets Maria again (how did she get past all the obstacles?) and tells her that he met a Belmont, the self-proclaimed lord of the castle. Maria gets a little upset and leaves.

In this room, you’ll find the Silver Ring. It bears the inscription, “In… Tower…”

The problem is that the game lies with these inscriptions. You don’t use these rings in the Clock Tower. Shades of a graveyard duck? (Those villagers in Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest were liars sometimes, intentionally so and faithfully translated, IIRC)

A fun item you can buy from the Librarian is Joseph’s Cloak for 30K gold. Joseph’s Cloak offers superior defense and, more importantly, lets you customize its color from the System menu. The default color is black. You can customize the inner and outer lining of the cloak.

You can clean up by using the Jewel Sword on the sword enemies with the shields or weapons surrounding them.

You don’t get any experience points or other items from destroying those, but they do provide several objects on one screen to get potential Jewel Sword drops from.

Wear the Gold and Silver Rings in the big clock room in the Marble Gallery to unlock the castle’s core. Maria is there, somehow, and gives Alucard the Holy Glasses, which let the wearer see through illusions.

Alucard found Richter in the Castle Keep. He resurrected Dracula so that he could keep battling him. What a pathetic reason.

To avoid getting a bad and premature ending, attack the floating green orb instead of Richter. When the orb is destroyed, a projection of Shaft, an evil acolyte of Dracula, appears and makes an ineffectual threat.

Richter regained his sense of self and was horrified that he brought Dracula back. Alucard left Maria with Ricther and entered the Inverted Castle to stop Shaft and Dracula.

Shaft’s voice sounds weird; like Richter’s, but pitched down.

Unlocked Topsy Turvy. 5/12

The Inverted Castle is more mindbending than I remember.

You need to collect five of Dracula’s relics in the Inverted Castle.

Reverse Caverns

The Inverted Castle is slightly tougher than the original. I’m leveling up like twice per stage.

The Reverse Caverns have a hallway that’s one of the oddest in the game. It’s infested with Dark Octopi… and I think they respawn!

IIRC, their ink spewing attack is one of those elements that can make the game slow down.

Though six areas in the Inverted Castle use “Finale Toccata” for its BGM, for some reason, the Reverse Caverns has a unique theme: “Lost Painting”. It’s pretty.

Each one of Dracula’s relics buffs your stats.

The enemy placement in the Inverted Castle is often just annoying. Then, there are bosses like Galamoth, a damage sponge that can suck up 9,999 points of damage.

I’m starting to see why I can recall some complaints about the Inverted Castle. There’s some padding going on here.

Salome (?) witches are so annoying. They conjure big shields, lightning balls, bouncing skulls, and cats…?

I never saw a Frozen Half’s max power attack before. She drops large ice chunks on you that fill the screen.

I always wondered why they were called Frozen Halves. I thought it was a reference to people calling their partners their better half. It wasn’t until years later that I learned it was a reference to “newhalf”, an offensive term for transgender people in Japan. Frozen Halves have the female death scream for similar characters, but pitch-shifted down.

I can’t stand those Blue Venus Weeds. It’s not even so much them as it is how they’re always positioned with other enemies for maximum annoyance.

Unlocked Apprentice. I did it with the bat form. 6/12. 50%

Lesser Demons glow orange and explode when they die. I forgot that they could make copies of themselves.

Fire Demons look creepy. It’s the open torso.

Huh, I don’t recall getting the Brilliant Mail before. It boosts the damage done by subweapons.

My favorite armor is the Walk Armor. It’s defensive power increases as you fill in the map.

The Forbidden Library is so lame. It doesn’t even have a boss. But it does have creepy Scarecrows, impaled bodies that hop around on spears… somehow. One of ’em looks like a disembodied torso. It’s like Silent Hill before Silent Hill.

The Order probably did that to someone.

When I first played the game, I had no idea why the Fake Grant/Trevor/Sypha battle was important because I’d never played Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse. It was explained in magazines, but I didn’t have personal context for it.

I ran into Beelzebub when I was looking for a save point. At least it’s kind of a cool fight because of the detailed sprite, and how Beel decomposes as you attack him. It’s almost as cool as Granfaloon.

The death animation for Werewolves is memorable; they burst into flames and revert to human form.

The Flying Zombies are a highlight. They can be bisected, and their upper half will detach to attack you.

The Mummy is stupidly easy if you have the circlet that absorbs poison damage.