Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Part Two: Totally Radical

I tried to beat the “Insurance Scammer” adventure, but it was too hard. I did take over a new garrison, though.

The problem with “Insurance Scammer” is that you have to wipe out the whole squad… with the pistol. There’s ammo nearby, but it ran out. ;-;

The magazine for the pistol can be upgraded if you find all of the VHS tapes. That VHS format is what we used to watch stuff on. Each in-game tape has a brief description of every very ’80s plot. Continue reading Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Part Two: Totally Radical


Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Part One: Jumping the Shark

Winners Don’t Lose”

-Rumble McSkirmish, Gravity Falls episode “Fight Fighters”

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

Developer: Ubisoft Montreal

Publisher: Ubisoft

Platform: Xbox 360

Released (North America): April 30, 2013

Released (Europe): May 1, 2013

Campaign Played from: October 5, 2016—November 19, 2016

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Remake Ideas

Super Romo Brothers


The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening was recently announced to be getting a remake. The classic game will get updated graphics and hopefully some tweaks to improve and modernize the original while still preserving what made the original great.

This got me thinking of other games that could use a remake. Seems like a lot of games that get remakes are popular games that just get a graphical update. I tried to focus on games that did interesting and unique things but had their flaws; opportunities to improve the gameplay as well. Though, with one of these choices I wouldn’t mind a purely aesthetic upgrade.

I also realize that it’s very likely none of these will get a remake. This is purely a dreaming, what-if post.

Legend of Mana (PS1, 1999)


In my last two posts on this game (2013 and 2017) I’ve talked about how this…

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Alien: Isolation Part Four: Final Thoughts and Miscellany

Final Thoughts

Well, Sega certainly had something to prove after Gearbox ripped them off with Aliens: Colonial Marines, didn’t they? Yet, my feelings towards this game somehow aren’t as strong as they should be. Maybe because this game has you being the most vulnerable of any Alien game I’ve played. Maybe it’s because the game makes the sight of the Alien too common, without a more empowering narrative for Amanda (which her mother gets in Aliens). The game almost feels incomplete in a way. Perhaps they can do a sequel with a better story for Amanda?

I guess I’m a little disappointed because I expected constant terror, but no game is tat scary. But I do think that, for a certain type of gamer, they should check it out, if for no other reason than the later levels. It’s weird that the game is kind of back-loaded in the last quarter or so.

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Alien: Isolation Part Two: Alone

Amanda gets the trauma kit and tries to flee the San Cristobal Medical Facility.
I had a death where the Alien impaled Amanda and then you see it cover her face. That’s what happens if you stupidly try to flee it.

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Alien: Isolation Part One: Breakdown

Alien: Isolation

Platform: PS3

Publisher: Sega

Developer: Creative Assembly

Released: October 7, 2014

Played From: December 22, 2015 – January 7, 2016

The game uses retro FOX fanfare!

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Patreon Only Grookey Cross Stitch Pattern Pokemon

Cross Stitch Quest

Grookey Preview

Cross stitch pattern of Grookey from Pokemon. This is a Patreon only pattern so donate to my Patreon for the PNG and PDF files.

Grid Size: 75W x 98H
Design Area: 5.21″ x 6.86″ (73 x 96 stitches)
Colors: 13

Grookey Pattern_Page_1 - Copy

I’m super hyped for Pokemon Sword and Shield! I haven’t decided which version I’m going to get since there’s not much to go on yet. I guess I’m leaning towards Sword just because it’s blue. I like Scorbunny’s design, but I think Grookey has the potential to evolve into the coolest evolutionary line. I’m thinking something like Passimian but with a super hero gimmick, you know because of the mask that Grookey has. I don’t know, but I’m itching for more leaks!

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