Dead Rising 2: Off the Record Part Three: A Safe Bet

Frank has bad tanlines. I wonder where he lives where he gets that much sun.

I just realized that there are no save points in the Food Court!
The cutscene that introduces Bibi Love has the worst camera angles everrr. Ugggh
[sip]”I’d get her what she wants, bro.”
Why did a zombie have to hide in the bathroom stall?!
Why would you have to go into a bathroom in a Dead Rising game? It’s because bathrooms are one of the few save points in the games (at least the first two), the other being places where you can rest. You can access a bathroom stall or a urinal. It’s just one of those gonzo things that DR did that most other games didn’t.
Level: 27
Killin’ time ’til the military arrives.
Kristin’s eyes look creeepy when she looks to the side during poker. Maybe all of the drinking affected her equilibrium.
I got a flush!
I just can’t figure out how to ice Evan. Guns could help, but I need health, too… siiigh
My life for more inventory!
Evan MacIntyre was the younger brother of Adam, a memorable psychopath from Dead Rising 1. He was a clown that went crazy.
Evan is a Psychopath exclusive to Off the Record.
Evan sold ice cream out of a truck. He thought that Frank was a customer, but he simply said he didn’t think that the clown would sell a lot of ice cream at the moment.
Frank: “And I am not getting into your car.”
Suddenly, an autographed picture of Frank is blown up by the wind, and Evan sees it, allowing him to recognize Frank as the man that killed his brother, triggering a fight between Evan and Frank. In the end, Evan accidentally flash-freezes himself with a freeze grenade, and Frank pushes him over with his foot, shattering him into pieces. As Frank walks away, he says this: “That guy kinda cracked me up.”
Plaid is not flattering.

Rebecca, what are you doing down there?” That’s what I’d like to know!
Unlocked Save the Girl… Again. 20/50. 40%
Lv: 29. Case 7-4.
The looters and snipers just kind of vanish after Day 2… not that I’m complaining.

Case 7-4: Breach

Aw, poor Rebecca…What happens here makes what happened in canon even sadder.

This time, I got TK his Zombrex right after he got bit, so hopefully, there won’t be any of that nonsense with Dead Rising 2‘s endings.

Unfortunately, saving TK is key to getting better endings in both versions of DR2.

Your coffee sucks.”

What a burn.

Sullivan hit Stacey, but only because she’s the mole this time.

Stacey shoots Rebecca to keep her from calling for help, and then the Phenotrans mole shoots Sullivan and tries to shoot Frank. However, Sullivan tackles her before she can kill Frank. Stacey recovers and shoots Sullivan two more times before escaping. Sullivan tells Frank to stop Stacey before he dies.

If you examine Sullivan’s body, Frank thanks him for saving his ass.

In DR2, it was the other way around; Sullivan was the mole. I have to admit that this was quite a surprise compared to the canonical storyline, where Stacey became Chuck’s love interest.

Stacey as Phenotrans’ mole

Unlocked Puking Rally and Technological Terror. The first was not intentional, I assure you. 22/50

Gas zombies are a lot worse than the regular zombies because they’re harder to just ignore.

Evil Stacey looks like she got lost on her way to a Metal Gear game.

Ugh, she has the same spiel as Sullivan did in DR2.

Unlocked Elite Killer. 23/50

Apparently, that Achievement also gets you a ninja uniform.

Let’s Defeat a Giant Robot

Unlocked True Colors. 24/50

To defeat Stacey, Frank has to destroy her giant, crustacean-shaped mech. Not even joking.

In the end, Stacey nearly has our middle-aged hero on the ropes, but being distracted by that causes her to ignore the mech falling onto her.

I always knew you had a crush on me,” says Frank. “Too bad I don’t dig flat chicks.”

Lead Writer: Annie Reid

The same lead writer as DR2.

Lifeseeker? Didn’t they do music for the first DR?

This game’s ending theme, “His Name’s Frank” by Lifeseeker, is sooo bad.

TK needs a men’s silk thong? T. M. I.

There’s a mental image I didn’t need,” says Frank. I empathize.

Lv: 31

I kind of wonder how they’ll top Fortune City for Dead Rising 3, because the locations in these games are characters too.

Unfortunately, judging by the divisive reception of DR3 and the negative reception of Dead Rising 4, it would appear that they didn’t.

Damn, I collected a bunch of stuff for the final battle and they took it all!

Of COURSE that asshole would strip you of your inventory!

Defeating Stacey is only a part of the finale, because TK kidnaps Rebecca and tries to extort a million dollars out of Frank. Ultimately, TK falls to his death after wrestling with our hero.

I actually really like the ending of OtR. Not only does Rebecca survive, unlike in DR2, but Frank swoops her up into his arms and she says, “Fan-tastic” (one of Frank’s minor catchphrases when he takes a high-scoring picture), implying that they would start a relationship.

Unlocked Save the Girl… Yet Again. 25/50. 50%

The ending theme to Overtime Mode is a jazzy remix of the muzak from Willamette Mall. Hell-o.

Stiff Back”. Oh, dear.

Revisiting OtR was fun. I had kind of forgotten how awesome a lot of the boss fights and missions were. I wish that Capcom and/or Capcom Vancouver had handled DR3 and 4 better (as well as the mobile Puzzle Fighter…), but even if another DR game is never made, it still has more solid games than duds in its franchise. There are also the numerous other games where Frank was a playable character.

Considering that “Capcom likes money again” (as I saw someone comment recently), who knows; maybe Capcom will revisit DR in the future, with in-house development.

DR1, 2, and OtR were ported to PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in September 2016.

One difference between DR2 and OtR is that several Psychopaths had their health total lowered slightly.