Dead Rising 2: Off the Record Part Two: Psychopaths Galore

If you hear weird music, it might be looters.

Unlocked BFF and New Hotness. 10/50. 20%
Man, Chuck. You’ve looked better.
Chuck Greene returns in OtR as a tragic Psychopath boss battle. In this continuity, Chuck lost his daughter, Katey, and subsequently, his mind. He has a doll strapped to his back and believes it is Katey. When Frank accidentally touches the doll, Chuck snaps, resulting in a boss battle.
It’s rather distressing. Now, I need to answer the question, “How can I defeat Chuck Greene?”
The fight with Chuck is terrible. Like Leon from Dead Rising 2, he uses a motorbike with a chainsaw attached to it, making it disadvantageous to attack him from the front. He also stops to drink, which restores his health but also tends to make him sick. (Him taking a swig is a PP Sticker). He also throws Molotovs, but you can exploit a gap in his AI that makes him hurt himself with them by standing close to his throw radius.
When you’re really hurrying, these games reveal the weaknesses in their controls.
The Super Slicer is a great weapon. I never thought I’d see a Servbot turned into a deadly weapon.
Unlocked Camera Crazy and Out with the Old. 12/50
Game, did you just have me kill Chuck Greene? Apparently not. I should be happy, but he’s not well.
C’est le vie. Let’s go bug Stacey now!
Can’t believe that this game killed off the lady that Brandon kidnapped. I was utterly shocked, like when the Arishok killed the viscount in Dragon Age II. I actually liked the viscount a bit.
Huh, the Notebook says that Chuck is dead, but his body vanished.
Frank actually said, “I’m too old for this shit.”
He can cope with chasing trains just fine without a motorbike.
I actually defeated Randy this time. (barely)
Randy Tugman. He was a chainsaw-wielding Psychopath described as a “socially awkward virgin and internet sex addict who is using the outbreak as a chance to get ‘married’ to any unfortunate woman he can find”. Once Chuck/Frank defeats him, he is killed by the zombified form of one of his would-be “brides” that he himself just killed.
Strangely, IMDB cites comedian Patton Oswalt as the voice actor of Randy, which he denies. The voice actor is credited as John Murphy.
Oh God, that Europa chick wants Frank to strip down to his underwear just like Chuck in DR2.
Europa was the survivor featured in the case “Slave to Fashion”. She failed to fully dress herself before the outbreak began, and so she insists that she will only follow Chuck/Frank if they are stripped down to their underwear as well. Sheesh.
I know Randy was supposed to be fat, but what was up with his hands? They looked like that guy from Big Trouble in Little China when he asploded.
Goddd, Danni is sooo annoyiiing-
But she kinda won me over when she said, “Can you imagine what would’ve happened if I had to marry that thing?” Or something like that.
Unfortunately, I can.
F you, Antoine. I’m gonna reload from before I delivered Ms. Danni to the safe room. Then, I’ll figure out something else to do!
Antoine Thomas was a Psychopath and a chef featured in the mission “Tastes Like Chicken” (ulp). In the end, he dies when he accidentally plunges his face into a fryer full of boiling grease. Antoine was voiced by Scott McNeil.
Maybe the Psychopaths are easier in this game. Sorta. Possibly.
Case 3-2, Level: 16
One thing that’s surprising about this game is how mellow Frank is.
Is it really, considering that he’s already been through something like this?
Some of the comments to the survivors and Psychopaths are funny.
Why don’t we ever see the looters that have been turned into zombies?
Fucking mercs. Were they ever fun to fight?
The Yucatan Casino is, by far, the worst place in the whole game. Guess where some of the toughest cases occur?
Unlocked No Zombies in the Vents. 13/50
Let’s beef up in Sandbox Mode because I don’t wanna get killed by those twin bitches any more than I have to.
Unlocked Maintaining the City. 14/50
Ohgod why did Chuck have to follow us into Sandbox Mode
I was able to level up my health. I’d prefer a speed boost, but that’s ok.
I need guns to deal with those twins. Lots of guns. There’s an LMG in the Yucatan Casino, hidden, of course. But I know where it is.
The twins, Amber and Crystal Bailey. They were TK’s arm candy, co-hostesses of Terror is Reality, and his right-hand women.

Amber and Crystal Bailey

To Psychopath, or not to Psychopath… that is the question.

You’re good at stuff! I saw you on TEE VEE!” Well-observed, Slappy.
Slappy is a mascot played by Brent Ernst. When Frank finds a dead woman named Louise Jameson dead in front of Kids’ Choice Clothing, Brent believes that Frank can “fix” her. When he tries to bring Brent to the safe house, he snaps, believing that Frank is refusing to “fix” Louise. Brent accuses Frank of exploiting the oubreak for his career, and then attacks our hero.
How is it that some of the worst Psychopaths are sympathetic in these games?
Lv: 19|700 killed|Case 5-1
Shame what happens to the Twins, but I’m not letting them get between us now…
Whichever twin you kill first, the other will kill herself, believing that she has lost her “other half”.
Unlocked Dominoes. Surely you mean… “Zominoes”? Missed opportunity! 15/50
I wanted to use that for years. 😦

Let’s See What Rebecca’s Gotten Herself into This Time

Unlocked Card Collection and Adult Content. 17/50
The mermaid is the key.
Case 5-2: “Kidnapped!”
I actually like the Psychopath boss fights, in all their twitchy glory. Their quirks are so screwed up, it’s a challenge to beat them.
Unlocked Team Player. 18/50
There’s this hottie named Deidre who, upon rescue, gives Frank some of her tips. $6900, to be precise. Augh. At least that was funnier than their other 69 joke.

Let’s Rescue Rebecca

God, the Twins are actually easier to beat in this game. The club where you fight them has stuff to heal with OTHER than booze.

Fluids are a great way to replenish health in Dead Rising – but quaffing too much alcohol at once has predictable downsides…

Unlocked Save the Girl. 19/50

The helicopter boss fight is as cool as ever.

Man, Frank, you should know better than to trust the military.

Case 6-1|Lv: 25

Clowns on stilts can suck it!

I didn’t really use guns on the Twins.