Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Part Two: Totally Radical

I tried to beat the “Insurance Scammer” adventure, but it was too hard. I did take over a new garrison, though.

The problem with “Insurance Scammer” is that you have to wipe out the whole squad… with the pistol. There’s ammo nearby, but it ran out. ;-;

The magazine for the pistol can be upgraded if you find all of the VHS tapes. That VHS format is what we used to watch stuff on. Each in-game tape has a brief description of every very ’80s plot.

I Don’t Deal with Psychos. I Put ’em Away.”: The point of this mission with the longest title ever is to kill Carlyle, despite Darling’s moral protestations. But for Rex, it’s what he does. “Nobody threatens my planet.”

Carlyle tried to develop bioweapons, probably with dragon blood.

The AI can be rather smart, but other times… enemies blow themselves up.

Unlocked Derp. 4/19

I had to jump down an elevator shaft.

Rex loves doors that open by themselves. “I love 2007.”

Takedowns can be very stylish, like when Rex throws a shuriken at a distant enemy.

Rex got dropped into a pit with two Blood Dragons while Carlyle prepared to unleash the Man-Kraken! He must be hideous. Man and cephalopod need not mix.

Sloan has what he needs to infect the world with dragon blood in a plan shockingly similar to Wesker’s in Resident Evil 5. Missiles to infect the world… assholes.

Carlyle called the biolab’s AI an 80bit piece of fucking hardware. When Rex killed the Dragons, Carlyle tried to call in more soldiers, but the AI would not comply, and referred to herself as an 8-bit piece of fucking hardware as the reason why.

Carlyle asked the AI not to kill him.

Female AI: “I am unable to comply.”
Carlyle: [screams]

Rex escaped. Darling said that she’d hate to lose him—er, such a fine soldier as himself.

The game’s menus kind of look like a Terminator’s HUD, and that’s awesome.

Hostage rescues are annoying. I hate worrying about feebs.

Summon the Plague”: Mission objective: “Enter… if you dare”

Darling warned Rex that the place was filled with death!

Rex: “What kind of death?”

Darling: “The dangerous kind, Rex.”

When you go to the door to the last story mission, the door says, “TEST YOUR MIGHT!”

I decided to do some sidequestin’ because a certain Achievement can’t be accessed after you beat the last couple of story missions.

The description for the Fazertron’s Full Auto upgrade: “Full auto so you can pull the trigger and bask in the screams.” Dark comedy at its finest.

The Semi-Auto upgrade for the Galeria 1991: “Semi-Auto upgrade, don’t think about it, just shove it in there.”

The mooks’ voices are so heavily modulated that I can barely tell what they’re saying. Except when they call me a bitch for lying in wait.

Unlocked Blood Dragon Dawn. 5/19

I ❤ the animations when Rex switches guns or reloads.

Rex entered the temple and overcame the trials by killing a bazillion zombies. His reward? The Killstar. But first, he needed to train with all the resources that a montage could offer him.

Rex and Darling finally banged (“I want to be blinded by your cyber-love”), and she said sweet stuff to him. But by morning… she was gone. She left him a recording that said if he heard it, she was in trouble.

The time came to take down Sloan. Rex infiltrated Danko Base and found a Blood Dragon that was controlled by the Killstar. The stairs that led up to the Dragon were rainbow-colored, and there were lasers behind it. Yeeesss.

Objective: “Be Badass All the Way”
It’s an on-rails sequence. Eee~

Unlocked Set Them Free. 6/19

Unfortunately, Sloan still launched the missiles. Rex confronted Sloan, but couldn’t kill him.

He claimed that Rex was programmed with his memories! As Sloan threatened Rex, he remembered the kind words of Darling and Spider, which empowered himto shove the Killstar into Sloan’s chest.

Rex reunited with Darling, who had rigged Danko Base to explode. They detonated the charges and watched the fireworks, but Darling looks at the caerma, eyes aglow…

That’s kind of an unnecessary twist ending. They probably won’t do a sequel, which I feel torn about.

Final Thoughts

This game is pretty good. It’s a great antidote to all of those self-serious games ou there. Rarely has a game used its ’80s influence so well. ❤ ❤

The Graphics

I really like them. A stormy and dark island may not sound like much, but the pop of colors and funky effects like faux-scanlines make for a gorgeous world. The retraux cutscenes are fine and silly.

The island feels surprisingly moody to explore, but it never feels at odds with the silliness of the humor and action.

The Music

Power Glove is awesome. The intro theme is nice and surprisingly chill, and I ❤ the main theme “Warzone” for sounding like something from a Terminator movie. The synth work is great.

The Story

…is super-sillt and a tongue-in-cheek satire of ’80s flicks and games. The game is very committed to its ’80s edginess. It indulges in silly tropes.

The Gameplay

It’s good. There’s some cool stuff with physics and dynamic elements like how fire can spread. I like exploring the open world; it’s surprisingly chill. I’m not used to the Far Cry control scheme. Brining up a weapons wheel instead of switching weapons with the D-pad doesn’t feel very natural.

The Legacy

There’s a spinoff Trials game starring Rex and Darling’s kids. It seemed to average sixes and sevens in reviews.

I respect Ubisoft’s decision to not make a direct sequel to Blood Dragon because they knew it would only work once.

Should I Buy It?

If you like ’80s nostalgia like I do, buy it yesterday.

The Killstar drained Rex’s health, but not much. It’s a frickin’ laser.


FC3:BD lets you explore after you’ve finished the campaign so that you can do whatever you want.

Unlocked The Drug of the Nation. They don’t know how true that is. 8/19

The Achievement description ways to “Find all TV SETS to Decrypt the Hidden Message”, but there is none.

Unlocked “The Greatest Format of all Time”, Way to Go, Garri-Son, Nice Like Jesus, “What are You Reading For?”, and Kill Them All. 13/19

Finding a neon snake is way too hard. I can’t believe that I’ve never encountered one before.

They’re not marked on the overworld map unlike other animal types.

Unlocked Hail to the King. 14/19

Sadly, Ash Williams is retired, but we’ll always have the memories.

Unlocked Just the Tip. That was not easy. 15/19

When you slay a dragon, they asplode.

I still can’t believe that I haven’t found a snake yet.

Unlocked Murder Nature. 16/19


Unlocked The Only True Stopper. I’m so glad that I don’t have to replay the whole campaign to headshot a late-game, rare enemy type. The heavy flamers were te last enemy type I needed to pop the cheevo. 17/19

The Story section in the User Manual is completely misleading.

The snakes are small, dark blue, and coiled up; no wonder I missed them for so long.
I wonder if they’d do another parody Far Cry game. Probably not—which decade is more fun to parody than the ’80s? The ’50s? Hmm…

Fallout kinda does that—or did…

Unlocked Tooled Up and Dragon Slayer. 19/19. 100%

LO, IT IS DONE. This game is… 100% complete.

The fact that this is one of the few games that I’ve 100%ed says something. Mainly that FC3:BD is excellent.

Dragon Slayer is a toughie because it requires you to kill 25 dragons. They spawn randomly across the map, but it has been noted that they tend to spawn near whichever garrison you fast travel to. So when I was a few dragons away from 25, I just started fast traveling until I got enough dragon kills.

And now, this game is thoroughly completed. I’m a bit sad it’s over.

Final Stats

Game Time: 11:38:51

Distance Traveled on Foot: 101.519 km

Swam: 7.639 km

Distance Driven on Land: 23.075 km

Driven on Water: 6.725 km

Distance Traveled by Glider: 4.198 km

Distance Traveled on Ziplines: 0.482 km

That is entirely not enough zipline travel.

Enemies Killed: 934

Dragons Killed: 25

Iron Sight Kills: 321

Hip Fire Kills: 410

Stealth Kills: 119

Headshot Kills: 176

Melee Kills: 39

Fire Kills: Two

Explosive Kills: 71

Hit and Run Kills: Six

A.J.M. 9 Kills: 47

Galeria 1991 Kills: 19

Fazertron Kills: 48

Terror 4000 Kills: 94

Kobracon Kills: 60

Bow Kills: 91

Flamer Kills: Zero

Mounted Gun Kills: 39

Standard Takedown Kills: 148

Death from Above Takedown Kills: Three

Death from Below Takedown Kills: Zero

Death from Below Takedown Kills from Water: One

Heavy Beatdown Kills: 10

Gunslinger Takedown Kills: Two

Grenade Takedown Kills: Zero

Shuriken Takedown Kills: 17

Chained Takedown Kills: Nine

Accuracy Rating: 28%

Accuracy Rating in Cover: 22%

Bullets Fired: 21700

Bullets Fired from Cover: 90

Favorite Throwable Weapon: Dice

Total Credits Acquired: $64709

Total Credits Spent: $63444

Cyber-Hearts Ripped Out: 421

Number of Manual Heals: 100