Adaptation April 2019 #1: Silent Hill: Hunger Part One

Silent Hill: Hunger

This is the last Silent Hill comic that Scott Ciencin wrote. It was featured on The Silent Hill Experience UMD on the PlayStation Portable (the whole thing is on YouTube, however, if you don’t feel like tracking down the UMD and the handheld). It’s a motion comic.

One upside of being on a UMD is that Hunger actually features songs from the games (Silent Hill: Dying Inside was also turned into an MC with a soundtrack). Can confirm that these comics read better with the music, though it’s not enough to elevate them into must- buys.

June 11th. 6:51 A.M. Picture if you will… Silent Hill Gazette star reporter Douglas Payne Brenneman wanders his beat, lost in what must be a dream.”

He walks past an abandoned building with “The Order Has You” written on it.

A nightmare. Half of Silent Hill has burned. Familiar storefronts are shattered, vandalized.

A strange mist leaps at him. It consumes the entire town like something desperate, alive. Hungry.

Some monsters approach him, like an Insane Cancer from Silent Hill 3.

No, not entirely abandoned…”

Doug told his wife, Rosy, about his nightmare.

Right off the bat, the art looks kind of strange, as if it was heavily photo referenced. However, it is closer in line with the games’ realistic art styles than the art in earlier comics.

The first and second halves of Hunger have different artists. The first half’s art is kind of wispy, which suits the fogginess of Silent Hill, at least.

Doug told Rosy that he kept having the dream. She told him that Silent Hill was their home (uh-oh), and nothing was going to change how it was a “beautiful place to live”.

They wound up here because Doug got fired from his old paper. He got too close to breaking a big story that involved gangsters, oil companies, and Homeland Security. Now, he’s trying to break a story that will get them back on their feet and out of Silent Hill. He’s desperate to work, despite Rosy tempting him with a sex-filled romantic getaway weekend. She tells him that she wishes he was half as hungry for her as he is for the next big story.

Doug is visibly bored out of his mind covering the local gardening contest.

Sex-filled. But no, I had to work…Sex-filled.”

An ambulance sped past the nursery and Doug’s editor Mario told him that they could be looking at the crime of the century.

June 11th. 10:50 A.M. The old Fassbinder place has been sitting empty for six months. Imagine the look on Ella Whitlock’s face as she prepared herself for another boring day as dispatcher for the Silent Hill Police Department. Now imagine it changing as she received a frantic call from a woman claiming someone had trapped her in this old empty house and was trying to kill her. That’s the story your intrepid reporter pieced together… eventually.”

Two cops block Doug and Mario from checking the house out. Deputy Diggsby comments that Doug would sell his own mother for a story.

My mother’s dead.”

A story isn’t a real story until there’s a corpse in it somewhere. This one was being carried out not just post mortem, but post-haste. What was it they didn’t want me to see?

The body belonged to the young officer who responded to the 911 call. The first murder in this town in ten years, and the victim was one of Bryce’s men. I cut out the wisecracking once I knew that.

The sheriff got back to work. So did I.”

Doug reports back to Mario that there was enough blood in the house for two victims.

Doug points out to Mario that a guy has been watching the whole thing for a while. A tall albino. Mario doesn’t see him.

A truck drives down the street. The albino vanishes behind it, which doesn’t escape Doug’s attention. His gut tells him to grab Rosy and get out of Silent Hill ASAP. But he also senses that this story may be the big break he’d been looking for the last four years. He felt sure that there would be more victims.

June 11th. 12:11 P.M.

Doug thinks better of Silent Hill, and we get a panel showing James and Mary from Silent Hill 2. This is one of the few really overt references to the games in Ciencin’s comics.

Doug realizes that the murder this morning shattered the peace of the town.

Someone sends Doug an eight-year-old girl’s journal at the Gazette office. It has disturbing imagery and writing. “hungry—Been here so LONG”

There was also a nurse’s cap and a wheelchair. As Doug wonders what happened to the girl that owned the diary, ravenous mouths on tentacles burst out of it. But it’s over as soon as it started.

Doug recalls that one of his sources ripped from the cops that the screaming woman said: “They’re coming… and, oh, god… they’re hungry!”

Hungry. Just like the kid in the drawing.”

June 11th. 1:01 P.M.

Doug tracks down the Kuttner Inn, a B&B that’s the return address for the diary. There, he asks an old woman, Clara Wellman, if he can interview her. She’s heavily invested in chomping down on grapes, but agrees.

She recognizes the handwriting in the diary and directs Doug towards “That Whately fella.” She describes him as a tall albino. The same man that Doug saw at the crime scene.