Adaptation April 2019: Silent Hill: Hunger Part Two

Doug realizes that he has a hunger for the story he’s currently obsessed with. “The kind of hunger that physically hurts.”
Clara says that Whately had a room with her, until he abruptly left last night. Doug wants to examine it, but Clara refuses because it wasn’t tidy enough. Bug problems.
Clara explains that Whately had strange comings and goings late at night, and that strange smells wafted out of the room. One night, through the open curtains, she saw him watching some BDSM play between a man and a woman dressed up as doctor and nurse.
Back in the present, Clara somehow casts a shadow shaped like Pyramid Head.

Only it wasn’t her shadow. Not unless she had a head shaped like a pyramid.”
Clara described the doctor and nurse; she believed that they worked at Brookhaven Hospital.
Doug walks through the park to clear his head, but he sees a couple on a bench. At first, it looks like they’re kissing, but on closer inspection, she’s ripping his throat out. He’s still moaning and sighing like he loves it. Doug doesn’t know what’s worse; if he isn’t actually seeing it, or if he is.
At Brookhaven, he asks about the doctor and nurse, but all that the nurse behind the reception desk can talk about is food. Doug starts to realize how so many of the people he’s encountered lately are hungry for something.
Nurse: “I like sushi. And pepperoni pizza. And steak…”

Doug doesn’t get any info on the doctor and nurse, so he finds some other people to ask if they’ve seen anything weird lately. One woman says she caught her husband with a woman that had tentacle arms and a demonic skull face. They were eating everything in sight; A father found his daughter menaced by a doll with a knife. It carved a message into the wall: “DOLLY IS HUNGRY”
Another person mentions a creepy artist in town who displays mannequin heads in his windows.
June 11th. 3:49 P.M.
Doug regrets not telling Rosy to see if she was ok. He tries to consider rational explanations for why the folks of Silent Hill started talking about monsters a couple of hours ago.
Woah, he thinks he sees Rosy across the street. He runs after her to the end of Lindsay Street, in a part of town that he hadn’t visited very often. It was being renovated by the “historical league”. Or would that be the Silent Hill Historical Society?
He calls out to Rosy. She doesn’t respond.
Suddenly, a creep approaches Doug, threatening him. The creep has his sleeves tied in a knot like an impromptu straitjacket. This makes him resemble the Lying Figures from Silent Hill 2. Actually, this whole encounter is quite a bit like James’ first struggle with a Figure in the game. Well done, Ciencin.
Doug picks up a two-by-four. “Looking into this man’s dark animal eyes was like peering into Nietzche’s abyss. And fuck if it wasn’t staring back.”
The creep wrestles Doug to the ground and rambles, “The Order summons! The Order commands! Samael of the Dark Eyes is come. His minions… they bite! They bite! And… so do I!”
Doug fears that the creep carries some disease. “Just a hunger to survive.”
Doug seemingly fends the creep off, sending him flying against the wall, where he explodes in a bloody pulp. It was actually Whately’s doing. He spells out the formerly subtle LF reference. Not so well done, Ciencin. Wait, was he implying that Whately had a hand in the (ambiguous) supernatural elements of SH2?
He tells Doug that the life he thought he was living will end tonight.
Whately: “Time to nip off for a little bite.”
Doug tries to follow him, but his head is swimming. Then, he feels the hunger rise up from deep within him. It was always there.
Back at the office, Mario chews Doug out. His mind wanders to a fantasy of Rosy in a bathtub littered with red rose petals. “God, I just want to eat you up!”
He feels the hunger clawing at him again.
June 11th, 5:21 P.M.
The fog rolls in. Doug tries to reach Rosy, but he can’t.
One of his coworkers, Perkins, turns into a monster before his eyes. He surmises that he monsters start off as people.
The monster hands him a phone. “Call for you.”
Rosy pleads for help on the other end of the line. She’s at the Fassbinder place. She says that they’re coming, and they’re hungry.
She said the same things that the victim from this morning said in her call.

I’ve never run so fast in my life,” Doug thinks.
He imagines her screaming for someone or something not to eat her.
June 11th, 6:02 P.M. At the Fassbinder house, Whately tries to ply Bryce with donuts. The cultist explains that he and the Order set this all up for Doug, who sees the Order’s symbol, the Halo of the Sun, on a wall inside of the house. There’s also a chained-up woman sitting on the floor.
Then, Whately’s tongue, a fanged apparatus, shoots out of his mouth. “BLLLLEAHHH!”
That’s probably the comic’s biggest moment of cheese.
The tongue shoots through Bryce’s body. Whately throws the box of donuts away. What a waste.
Doug: “Jesus Christ!”