Dead Rising 2 Part Two: The Agony and the Ending C

I knew there’d be something wrong with the “Tastes Like Chicken” case. It’s Dead Rising, after all.

The band Angel Lust ROCKS!

I wish that I’d paid attention to how close the mercenaries were at the end of “Run for the Money”, or else I would’ve prepared myself better.

I put Chuck into a lady’s outfit for the first time and he said, “You’re kidding, right?” His reaction is interesting compared to Frank’s from the first game.

Rebecca’s going to let Chuck meet her source…

To my horror, I realized that you can’t wash your hands after using the bathroom to save.

I was pushing a wheelchair and a zombie wound up sitting in it.


Get $10,000 from ATMs. How? Find a computer case and a flashlight and combine them. The Yucatan Casino has both, but the latter is hidden on a scaffold above some dealers’ tables. Anyway, this creates a taser thingie called a “Hacker”.

There is so much sexual innuendo in this game. Even male Psychopaths aren’t immune from taunting Chuck with insults that hit… below the belt.

Oh no, now I’m doing it!

This game is much easier to play than the first, but somehow, the Psychopath boss battles seem even harder. Most of their attacks are unavoidable.

Unlocked Fashion Aficionado. 5/50. 10%

Gambling, in any game, reminds me of the horrors of Persona‘s casinos. So hard to win, yet so fun.

Sometimes, when I level up, the prizes – er, rewards – flow like champagne in TK’s green room.

I finally got an upgrade to Chuck’s speed.

I think that the rewards you get for leveling up are randomly generated. You may get a boost to one of your stats, or a new Combo Card, or a new attack.

The lady in the case “One Hit Wonder” is all wrong.

One thing could make these games simpler: ducking.

Capcom has a phobia of ducking.

I beat the game with a really bad ending! Huh?

Yup, I earned Ending C.

I’m going to restart the game and keep my level, but start the story over.

I didn’t get any gifts for Katie because I didn’t know that the stuffed animals could be anything other than weapons. I’m a bad video game dad.

Unlocked Father of the Month and Apprentice Rising. 7/50

Katie loved her gift, a giant stuffed elephant. It was as big as Chuck. Elefun!

DR2 is more playable than Dead Rising. The graphics are better with some good lighting and the gameplay is smoother. But I liked the story and music in DR1 more. Just compare both game’s ending themes.

Unlocked Half Deck. It was rather innocuous; I examined a movie poster standee on the Silver Strip, which gave Chuck inspiration for a Combo Card. 8/50

Unlocked Vigilante Justice. 9/50

I won about five straight hands of poker and made a fat guy lose his shirt in the hideout! Then, the AI started cheating and I lost my shirt, which looked kinda weird after the game. The fat guy was all shy, but when he lost his shirt at first, he did pelvic thrusts.

I’m sure that Frank West’s original voice actor (TJ Rotolo) reprises his role in the Case West DLC, which is a relief since he didn’t in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars.

Yeah, about Rotolo reprising his role as Frank…

At least Rotolo got to reprise his role as William Birkin in the Resident Evil 2 remake. RE2make?

Frank has at least four different actors portraying him. Five, if you count Rob Riggle in the live-action Dead Rising: Watchtower flick. Riggle himself has actually covered wars, you know.

I got back to the start of Case 6, and guess what? We didn’t die! The military that was supposed to rescue us did, though.

I almost didn’t play the game for fear of Ending C… again.

So we continue on with Overtime Mode. Finally.

I’d like to share a particularly disturbing Psychopath encounter (the best kind in DR!) that I completed in this run of the game. It’s with two wannabe magicians. They were kidnapping woman to cut in half (not that I know anything about magic, but using a buzzsaw can not be the best place to start). Once you beat the magician in charge, his assistant seems to caress his face, then stabs him violently in the chest. “I’ve always… wanted to do that.” This was the last thing he said before dying. It really is hard to find good help.

Case 6-2. Ok.

You have to fight this sergeant to rescue Rebecca. It’s really tough. Once you defeat him, he bemoans, “I can’t believe a worthless zombie did me in…”

The mutated zombies make really disturbing noises.

Apparently, the corporation Phenotrans set the whole thing up to capture the queens that lay larvae inside of a host, causing it to zombify upon maturation.

The zombification probably begins when the larva’s hatching kills the host.

Chuck seems to have a beef with them from before this game; it must be a Case Zero thing.

DR1 had an outstanding soundtrack! DR2, sadly, does not. The themes for the magicians and the sergeant are rare exceptions.