Resident Evil 3: Nemesis Part One: Uptown Girl

Resident Evil 3: Nemesis

Platform: PlayStation (played on PlayStation 3 via PlayStation Classics)

Developer/Publisher: Capcom

Publisher (PAL Regions): Eidos Interactive

Released (Japan): September 22, 1999

Released (North America): November 11, 1999

Released (Europe): February 21, 2000

Originally Played From: June 7, 2013 – June 21, 2013

Essentially released as a stopgap between Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil CODE: Veronica, RE3:N tells the story of the fate of Raccoon City, and how some of the inhabitants stuck in the bio-organic weapon-infested town tried to survive. The game is mainly concerned with Jill Valentine’s attempts to escape the city with a BOW called the Nemesis in pursuit of her and other former Special Tactics and Rescue Squad members. Her struggle begins in the uptown area of Raccoon City.

This game has controls better than Parasite Eve II. I guess Aya wears cement shoes.

The monologues that Jill has before you start the game are so sad.


An officer at the Raccoon Police Department basically left a suicide note.

On her way to the RPD, Jill encountered STARS pilot Brad Vickers, who is mercilessly killed by the Nemesis in his introduction.

One of the more interesting things about the game is its live decision system. At certain points, you are given one of two options to deal with a problem (mainly Nemesis). This can give you access to different items and minor branching paths. The manual says that a choice will be made for you if you don’t make one it time, but I never let the game make my choice for me. All in all, an interesting system, but one that was never refined in later games. RE3:N has a few innovative elements that weren’t really featured in any other games in the series.

This game is a big nostalgia trip.

Life’s a Bitch

These zombie dogs suck. If only I hadn’t gotten nailed by Nemesis’ rocket launcher, I’d still have my First Aid Spray. Those rockets hurt!

In subsequent playthroughs, I usually just avoid the dogs. The infinite rocket launcher that I grinded the Mercenaries minigame for may have something to do with it, too.

Sometimes, he takes out other monsters for you. Hee hee.

It’s creepy when he appears. Creepy and panicky music perks up, and it’s creepy how he says “STARS” almost matter-of-factly, just loud enough to be audible. The controller rumbles when he bursts into a room.

Remember when controllers with force feedback were a big deal?

The Nemesis is dangerous, but the dogs are the worst.

Carlos’ flirting with Jill is so cheesy. Valenfield 4eva

The Nemesis’ appearance outside of the save room by the barber shop is scary. I yelped.

Met Nicholai, a member of the same Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service as Carlos. Then, he got blowed up at the gas station. Whoops.

What was he doing, investigating the live wire next to the oil like that anyway?

Got a Fuse from the power room. Setting the voltage to unlock the doors wasn’t that hard.

I think it’s both frustrating and fascinating that some items aren’t where my old strategy guides say they are.

It’s the result of the game’s randomization of both items and enemies. Some rooms and halls with have random items, or none. Similarly, certain areas may have no enemies or one of two different enemy encounters.

Olivera’s Angst

Carlos has to kill a fellow UBCS member named Murphy so that he doesn’t become a zombie. Carlos was very reluctant to kill a comrade. The scene reminded me of Steve’s freakout from CODE: Veronica / Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles.

The giant worm is gross. It’s not an ALASKAN BULL WORM because it’s not big, scary, and pink! Eww…

Mikhail (another UBCS member) died in a badass way fighting the Nemesis.

And Mikhail was already injured from previous BOW encounters while fighting him.

(Nowhere Near) The Chapel of Love

I know that this is an old game, but some of its quirks are just dumb. Like the Blue Herbs that grow in the Clock Tower main hall. You can’t just take them with you. They just wanted to keep you from carrying infinite BH’es. Capcom, you can be so mean.

This game has driven me crazy with the amount of BH’es it’s given me. In areas where there are no poisonous enemies around, as far as I know…

I liked the music box puzzle because the song for the box was pretty. It sounded familiar, but it can’t be a song from some other game, could it?

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