Silent Hill: Downpour

Silent Hill: Downpour

Platform: PlayStation 3

Developer: Vatra Games

Publisher: Konami

Release (North America): March 13, 2012

Release (Europe): March 30, 2012

Release (Australia): April 5, 2012

Release (Japan): November 8, 2012

Originally Played From: December 24—27, 2012

Downpour is the story of Murphy Pendleton, a mysterious prisoner who was arrested after leading police on a chase across state borders. At the beginning of the game, Murphy is allowed by correctional officer George Sewell (who looks seriously untrustworthy with those high cheekbones and thin face) into the showers, where another prisoner, Patrick Napier, has just finished showering.

Murphy approaches Napier and asks if he remembers him. “We used to be neighbors.”

Murphy then kills Napier.

Next, after a riot breaks out at the prison, Murphy is placed under the care of Anne Cunningham, who is hostile towards him. Murphy was in the process of being transported to another penitentiary when the vehicle crashes near Silent Hill, where he tries to make an escape…

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Friday (Least) Favorites #2: Worst Ads and PR Campaigns

Content Warning: This post describes and discusses vomit. So. Much. Vomit.

Ads. Just like death and taxes, they’re some of the annoyances that you have to deal with in life. But some ads go above (below?) the call of duty in making viewers glad that they didn’t click on them, or bolted from the couch to raid the fridge or go for a bathroom break, or put the magazine down to go do something else. This list is all about those.


Mighty No. 9 was already burning through a lot of its initial goodwill by the time the “Masterclass” trailer dropped, with several notable delays, feature creep (which caused further delays), and a controversial Kickstarter for another project from Keiji Inafune (Red Ash, which already had a publisher, and was planned to come out no matter how much funding they raised, and stretch goals that the developers were unwilling to give details on, which actually breaches one of Kickstarter’s rules). But “Masterclass” may have been the final straw for many, or at least the reason for further resignation.

This trailer created by publisher Deep Silver is noted for its cheesy, middle-aged narrator (described as “dad-voiced” by Polygon) violating the rule of “show, don’t tell” to promote the game, which is a bold move considering how the game actually looked. The explosion effects were quickly compared to “extremely cheap-looking pizza”, for example. The script tries to sound too hip, with lines asking if the audience likes “awesome things that are awesome”.

But that wasn’t the worst line in the script.

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Mercenaries Saga 2 Part Two: I’m Looking for Some Sailors

Claude asks the leader of the bandit guild, Lycan, where the Baruchel Band’s hideout is. He asks Claude why he wants to know.

It’ll make me look good.”

>>”I want to protect the public.”

Nuts to the first choice!

Even if that’s how you felt, anyone who cared about their image wouldn’t answer that way, would they?

Lycan: “Ahh. Then I’ll provide you with that info free of charge. It’ll help me out, too if those crazies are gone. If I recall… Baruchel Band’s hideout is an old fortress near Belal Mountain.”

Claude: “Belal Mountain? Thanks, Lycan.”

Be careful, Captain.”

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Mercenaries Saga 2 Part One: I Can’t Believe It’s Not Tactics

Mercenaries Saga 2

Developer/Publisher: Circle Entertainment

Platform: Nintendo 3DS

Released: July 2, 2015

Originally Played From: August 27, 2015—April 29, 2017

From our old friends at Circle (Publisher Dream) comes this tactics-em-up.

The game begins not with a bang, but a conversation between three men discussing how they have The Book of God in their possession.

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Hakuoki: Memories of the Shinsengumi Part Seven: Band of Brothers


Hajime wanted to know why Kasumi didn’t leave with the others. She wanted to be with him no matter what, and understood the risks. Hajime kissed her, and I’d like to think that it was the first kiss for the both of them.

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Hakuoki: Memories of the Shinsengumi Part Six: Bushido

February 1868

Everything has seemingly gone wrong. Saito drank the Water of Life and became a fury; the shogunate’s forces are dwindling; Inoue and Yamazaki died on the way to Edo; the demonic trio is still out there, and my father isn’t my real father.

Kasumi reunited with her—well, her stepfather when she returned to her childhood home in search of something to help Saito with the fury bloodlust. Continue reading Hakuoki: Memories of the Shinsengumi Part Six: Bushido

Hakuoki: Memories of the Shinsengumi Part Five: The Water of Life

The men allied with Kazama tried to get Kasumi to join them. The allies of Kazama were allied with the Satsuma domain, but were only using them. They sicced the Satsuma warriors on Harada, Shinpachi, and the Guard of the Imperial Tomb. As the fighting erupted, Kasumi had to make a decision:


>>Was worried about Heisuke.

Tried to negotiate with the demons.

Heisuke was sad, confused, and conflicted over his decision to leave the Shinsengumi and follow Itou. After Heisuke fought off some enemies and defended Kasumi, he regained his focus and declared, “Any bastard that thinks he can come after you will have to get through me first, because you’re what I’m fighting for!”

Heisuke tried to fight Amagiri again, but Kasumi was attacked by two Satsuma soldiers. Heisuke threw his katana and wakizashi at the soldiers to stop them, but his dropped guard afforded Amagiri a critical strike.

Harada and Shinpachi rushed through the crowd to their ally’s side. “Dammit, Heisuke! You can’t die here!” defied Shinpachi.

No! You can’t die, Heisuke!” cried Kasumi.

I was shivering, but I reached out to wipe the blood desperately from his cheek.”

Sorry, I… I wanted to be there for you a little longer…” Heisuke choked out. “Heh… Screwed that up pretty good… didn’t I…? Sorry, Kasumi…”

No, Heisuke… I wasn’t ever so important that you should have given your life to protect me!”

I’m fine… Don’t… worry about… me…”

Liar… No, Heisuke was just considerate, and didn’t want to worry the others. Always considerate.

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