The World Ends With You Part Seven

January 3, 2017: Uzuki and Kariya started talking about how all of the thoughts in Shibuya began to coalesce. Suddenly, the Reapers were wracked with pain.

It was then that Sho revealed his new body.

Indelible Guilt – Chapter Closed


I’m playing a handheld other than my 3DS? Whaaaaa?

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The World Ends with You Part Six: Unlucky 777

December 31, 2016: Konishi forgot to take Beat’s Lv. 1 Keypin, so we could get through this wall in the 104 Building area. Or did she?

She lifted the ban on Reapers attacking Players. But that and the Outlet Pin still did not help the Reapers that attacked us.

Beat freaks out when someone calls him by his real name.

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The World Ends With You Part Five: Gimme a Beat

December 30, 2016: Neku received a text saying that this Game only has one Player. He had to flee some Noise, only to be caught by Kariya and Uzuki. Neku apologized to Shiki and Joshua in his head, but then Beat arrived.

First you gimme some lame special op and make me snipe my friends, and now you gonna take down a defenseless Player? Ain’t you Reapers got any honor? Now you got me all kinds a’ pissed! Y’all goin’ down, yo!”

Kariya: “Oh, to be young and foolish again! Try switching on your brain, Freshmeat. If you fight now you’re treadin’ on thing ice.”

Shibuya ain’t cold enough for ice, stupid!”

The two Reapers heaved exasperated sighs.

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The World Ends With You Part Four: New Josh City

January 26, 2012: “Who the hell would want a mic with wings?” asked a Reaper. How about everyone?!

Especially CLAMP.

Neku and Joshua met 777, the leader of the band Def Märch. The Players had to retrieve the band’s stolen mic.

I got the First Gear Pin from an invisible Pig Noise! I also got a bonus for a “bottom screen-only win”. Thanks for pulling your weight, Josh! (Kidding.)

Joshua: “We’re like air, Neku. Invisible, but very real.” Duuude

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The World Ends With You Part Three: Face the Noise

January 18, 2012: Neku finishes the Game with Shiki by defeating the GM, only to wake up with the Scramble Crossing’s gritty pavement as his bed.

A new week has begun… A new Game, and a new partner: Joshua. His method of gathering Fusion Stars is pretty fun. MAAATH

Math quickly turns on you in the second week, as you’ll soon see…

Guess who else loves the maths? Sho Minamimoto, the new GM. HE SPEAKS IN MATHEMATICAL TERMS. Strangely enough, I understand some of them. My ratio is satisfactory!

Meet Sho Minamimoto, your new God.

Still, he represents all that is dark and unholy in mathematics, my old nemesis. As such, he is going down.
In a flashback, Neku recalls Shiki being declared the winner of the round and Beat electing to become a Reaper. Shiki didn’t want to return to life if it meant Neku staying in the Game, but he insisted.

I’ll be waiting for you – every day, in front of Hackio… till you come back,” promised Shiki.

I’ll see you there soon,” swore Neku. “That’s a promise.”

Once you see the real me, will we still be friends?”

Count on it. You’ll always be Shiki.”

They reached out to one another as Shiki was spirited away.

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The World Ends With You Part Two: Someone is Calling

January 14, 2012: 3rd Day

The proof is in the pudding. The pudding of their doom.”

Someone has a running gag of food metaphors.

I ❤ shopping in this game.

Neku may be opening up slightly.

Rhyme doesn’t have a dream, but after teaming up with Beat and seeing his energy, she thinks that, if she keeps moving forward, her dream will find her. Sweet.

Gotta get more YEN to get more SWAG~

Sometimes, the merchants’ thoughts are amusingly snarky. (“Uh, this is a store, not a museum.”)

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Pin Your Hopes on Me: The World Ends With You Part One: The Power is Yet Unknown

The box art. From left to right, bottom row: Joshua, Neku, Shiki, and Rhyme. Top row: Beat.

The World Ends With You

Japanese Title: Subarashiki Kono Sekai (It’s a Wonderful World)

Platform: Nintendo DS

Developers: Jupiter/Square Enix

Publisher: Square Enix

Japanese Release: July 27, 2007

European Release: April 18, 2008

North American Release: April 22, 2008

Australian Release: April 24, 2008

December 31, 2011: The game’s intro flashes a series of images as protagonist Neku Sakuraba runs past most of the characters in the story. The opening theme, “Twister”, is pretty cool and gets the game’s incredible soundtrack off to a good start.

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The 3rd Birthday Final Thoughts: Dead End

The 3rd Birthday is a game that is best enjoyed for its gameplay. Ultimately, this is a game that is held back by the limitations of its platform, and its questionable concept.

The plot is a mess. It’s a monument to all of Square Enix’s worst sins and excesses in creating complicated plots. Every time I think that I understand it, my brain thinks up something else that doesn’t make sense, just to question it.

It didn’t need to be a mess. The original Parasite Eve games had epic scales and conflicts, but they did not descend into supernatural time travel mumbo-jumbo.

Several took issue with Aya’s meeker characterization. It is justified in-game with the revelation that it’s actually Eve in Aya’s body (since Aya is currently soul-challenged at the moment, and apparently exists in a limbo state). However, to be blunt, no one played a PE game to play as anyone but Aya Brea.

Some compare Aya’s characterization negatively to Samus’ characterization in Metroid: Other M. Both games were released in 2011.

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Poll: Should We Expand FemHype to Cover Pop Culture?


Did you know that we’re rapidly approaching the three-year mark since opening FemHype? It feels totally surreal to me that only a short time ago, I hadn’t met any of you amazing folks who continue to make this space such a joy to run. Let me start by thanking you — all of you — for sticking around and teaching me new things every single day. I’m a better person having known you, and I’m so glad that you’re here with us now. ❤

When Paige and I started discussing new ideas for FemHype’s future, I knew I wanted to make sure we opened up the floor to our community for feedback. It’s important to both of us that you have a say in any big changes we make, which is where this quick poll comes in!

For almost three years, FemHype has offered women and nonbinary gamers…

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The 3rd Birthday Part Three: Aya’s Counterattack

June 5, 2011: There are varying degrees of mutation. It ranges from A (normal), to B (Benign), to C and D (Malignant). You can splice the malignancy out of corrupted OE chips…

On the field, I discovered something useful: If you activate Liberation just as you suffer a fatal blow, it will restore your health to full after the meter’s dried up!

June 6, 2011: Operation Red Fog! I finally got past the subway train section. Beyond that? Scratchers. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

I don’t really have a plan for my OE Boards. I definitely want to keep Odds Up on them. 😛

June 7, 2011: Once again, Aya’s attempt to enter the past altered the present. Thelonius vanished from the timeline. Blank realized what was happening and ran to Thelonius as he vanished, only to completely forget why he went to the rooftop in the first place.

Aya remembered seeing Kyle dressed as a groom at the altar, only to be shot offscreen. Kyle appeared before her at the Twisted nest again, and she begged him to protect Eve. He pledged his guardianship over “our little princess”.

Episode 4: The Moment of Truth

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