MARCH 12th, 2008: Today I had my rematch with Thuris. We crushed him and his cultists, but he managed to escape.

Then we received news from a Nereid that a civil war broke out in the kingdom of Raide. The game cued a flashback sequence with Thorndyke wherein he presented the king’s wicked misdeeds to a committee.

Suddenly, the king’s guards busted in, arrested Thorndyke, and retook the Crimson Tear.

As they took him away, Thorndyke apologized to his wife, his legitimate son, and Penn, who was taken from him by the Nereids long ago in an exchange.

We returned to the Nereid kingdom, which now harbored Raidean refugees of the civil war that broke out in protest of Thorndyke’s arrest. There, we learned from Chevalier Galahad that Thorndyke was executed.

After that, we mobilized to stop World Eater Feinne. Before we could get to her, the King attempted to use the Tear to fuse with Feinne. That went to pot when Feinne ate him in the middle of the ritual.

We tried to fight Feinne and we were promptly defeated. Then Danette noticed what could have been reinforcements, but it was just Dio and his cronies. They left as quickly as they came.

Then the real reinforcements came – specifically, Christophe’s best soldiers. And so we had our rematch with Feinne.

In the battle, Gig let us use the Max Gigify (I think) to increase our main squad’s levels by 2000! Feinne’s level was 1000. So we finally destroyed her after about eight rounds.

Before she died, Feinne mumbled some strange words with Resilience’s voice. Gig reacted to her seemingly nonsensical words, but then fell asleep because he lent Izabella too much of his power.

One down, two to go.

We returned to the Hidden Village. Layna told us that the next World Eater could be found in the distant kingdom of Orviska (I think that’s the name – guess I’m becoming more like Danette :P) and gave us the paper we’d need to present to its queen.

The next day, Thurists attacked the Village. Gig woke up just in time to help us – and in the middle of “the best sleep ever”, so he was extra-pissed.

We destroyed the Thurists, but they destroyed the Village, too.

I have an issue with the supposedly branching story. There are supposed to be some alternate dialog choices, but probably the only one I remember is when Gig offered to take Izabella’s body. The alternate choice led to a bad ending. I obviously didn’t take it.

If this choice did indeed exist! My memory plays tricks sometimes.

What would Gig do with a female vessel?

Question of the Day: Why was Thuris so much more talkative than the laconic Feinne? At least she had a pretty voice.

I hope the next World Eater will be a bit easier to frag. I like to beat my bosses at levels that are actually achievable.

Rooms Unlocked: Spellbrary, Hunting Lodge, Cauldronette

Manikin Unlocked: Redflank


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