Live-A-Live Part Nine

June 20, 2016: Ultimate Destruction

When Orsted decided to go to Akira’s world, he wondered why Akira and his friends strove for assimilation and unification. Orsted believed that the world filled with filthy humans needed to be purified.

Then, the world of Oboromaru.

Orsted: “There will be turbulent days in the future…… Without any nonsense like so-called ideals…. Until soul is sold for the power of a demon….”

The statue of the frog’s eyes glowed. “You should believe in your own way!” Continue reading Live-A-Live Part Nine

Final Fantasy XIII Part Eight: Free Will

May 2, 2010: Sazh wondered about whatever force allowed the ship to phase through the building. I cringe to think of it as another fal’Cie meddling in their business. Haven’t we had enough of them?

A floor above, beyond the tunnels, lied a more open area. When the party stepped out, a large insignia – the l’Cie “brand” – appeared on the floor. The l’Cie’s brands glowed with intense heat.

I somehow failed to bring up the brands before now. All ‘Cie have a brand somewhere on their bodies. Snow’s was on his forearm; Vanille’s was on her thigh.

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Infinite Undiscovery Part Three/Final Thoughts and Stats

June 21, 2010: I’ve found a way to make decent cash in this game. In the Dais Cave, one of those enemies disguised as treasure chests hangs out close to the entrance. You see, you can just ext and re-enter to respawn the chest. Kill it and you rake in 8,000-plus Fol.

IIRC, Fol is the currency used in other tri-ACE games as well.

On the flip side, it gives zip for experience points. Well, 20, specifically.

It was monotonous hell, but I enjoyed by spending spree. Equipment for all!

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Tales of Symponia: Dawn of the New World Part Three: Off the Richter Scale

March 27th, 2012: To Bait a Light-Fish


Boss: Nazdrovie | Element: Light

Kind of an annoying fight. Nazdrovie can use Seafood Gels to restore over 4,000 HP. Try using juggles to keep it from using the Gels.

Rewards: 3,500 XP, 10K Gald

My lv. one monster gained 10 levels from this battle!

Why did I have a lv. one monster in my party for a boss fight?

Nazdrovie was the one that truly started the fire in Izoold. It tried to frame my man, Regal! :[ Continue reading Tales of Symponia: Dawn of the New World Part Three: Off the Richter Scale

Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World Part Two: Regal Didn’t Start the Fire

January 22nd, 2010: I’ve determined that monsters need to be level 14 to evolve.

Why do Ogres look just like Blanka from Street Fighter?

Chimeras are so cute in this game. They’re more like chimera… puppies?

I don’t know why you can’t name your monsters. The names that the game picks for them mean less than nothing to me.

Naming things in games can also help you remember what they are, like a mnemonic device.

Not being able to name your monsters is just one of the problems with the “mons” aspect of this game. The others are waiting in the Final Thoughts. Continue reading Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World Part Two: Regal Didn’t Start the Fire

The DISSIDIA Saga Part Five

June 17th, 2011: I’m pleased as punch that there are two new characters to unlock here.

Bartz doesn’t just imitate other characters’ moves, he imitates the way that they call them out.

Prishe is so cute! She has great fashion sense.

Prishe in her default and alternate costumes

Her EX Burst is very complicated. Auto EX Burst, here I come!

Auto EX Burst was an ability that let the computer input EX Burst commands for you.

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The DISSIDIA Saga Part Four

April 12th, 2011: Mognarok? WTH? I suggested Ragnarok to the little bugger, and he comes back with Mognarok, which turns a foe into a moogle. I wish!

Yuna can equip guns? Oh wait – yeah.

Characters could equip all sorts of weapons – to boos their stats. The weapons that they actually use in battle are fixed. So you could not, say, equip Lightning with Cloud’s Buster Sword. Continue reading The DISSIDIA Saga Part Four

Dragon Age: Origins – June 22nd – July 1st, 2011: The Landsmeet

June 22nd, 2011: By “best lines in the game”, I mean the little stories that Leliana tells, like that of Bon-Bon, the toy dog terror that belonged to the woman who took her in after her mother died. Leliana said that Bon-Bon loved to hide and attack peoples’ ankles. But one day, Bon-Bon attacked Leliana, who reflexively kicked him, sending him flying across the room. He was scared of her from then on.

We returned to Redcliffe Castle and asked Arl Eamon to call the Landsmeet. They hadn’t cleaned up that body in the throne room from Maker-knows-when. So hard to find good help these days.

Guess who came to talk to us? Loghain. He did not recognize Etheria from Ostagar. Continue reading Dragon Age: Origins – June 22nd – July 1st, 2011: The Landsmeet

Dragon Age: Origins – June 19th -20th, 2011: Wine and Roses

June 19th, 2011: I talked to Leliana some more, and she said that she loved me.

Enemies are far more docile on Casual.

Wynne knew about Leliana and I. She went on and on about sparing us from any pain we might suffer, because a Grey Warden could not afford to be selfish. I was… displeased.

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Video Game Journals is a Liebster Award Recepient

I am happy and humbled to have been nominated for a Liebster Award by Chris Hodges of The Chi-Scroller, who was also a recent winner! The Liebster Award lets bloggers recognize and spread the word about their peers. I would like to thank everyone who has visited my blog and given it likes and comments. ❤

The Liebster Award grants nominees 11 questions to ask whomever they nominate. These are the 11 questions that Mr. Hodges put forward to his nominees:

What is your favorite gaming era, and why?

A good question. I’m torn between the 16 and 32-bit eras. I’ll give the slight edge to the 16-bit era out of nostalgia.

What “dormant” video game franchise would you most like to see get a new installment?

Is it bad if I still want Silent Hill to make a comeback? ;-;

Describe your dream video game in ten words or less.

Castlevania with RPG elements and a story by BioWare.

Gush about one specific favorite pop culture (but not game-related) thing of yours – Band, movie, TV show, author, athlete, comic book character, etc. Dragon Ball is my favorite anime/manga franchise (though I kind of prefer the anime). I’ve been watching it for at least 20 years now. I didn’t start reading the manga until 2000 or so when Viz started releasing the graphic novels. Why do I like DB? It’s fun with crazy characters. Over time, the series gets more serious and epic and the cast gets more badass.

In your ideal scenario, would your blog be your full-time, financially-supportive career, or do you prefer it as a hobby?

I prefer it as an extension of my gaming hobby.

If you could write/could have written for any one game magazine, past or present, which one would it be/have been?

Another good question. I’ve fantasized about writing for many game magazines in the past. I think that I would have liked writing for play because they ditched review scores shortly before the folded, and I would have liked to have written reviews without scores.

What is your biggest vice/worst habit/etc (that you’re comfortable discussing)?

Maybe buying new games? 😛

What time of day do you feel more creative?

In the daytime or early evening.

If you had to choose one extreme temperature for to live in for the rest of your life – hot or cold- which would it be, and how does it compare to where you currently live?

I hate muggy heat, so I will choose the cold. Hopefully, there would be more snow. It would be colder than where I live now, which may not be as cold as you may expect. There isn’t much weather here at all anymore. :/

Name one song, movie, video game, TV show, or book that people who know you well would be very surprised to find out that you love?

I can’t really think of anything.

Starting the day you answer this question, you have to make a choice: For the rest of your life, you to either a) only play new games that come out after this day, or b) only be able to play games that have come out up to this point. There’s no going back once you’ve made your choice. What do you choose?

What a question! I choose A because there are still so many games that I haven’t tried yet that I wouldn’t want to abandon…

These are the blogs/bloggers that I nominate for Liebster Awards:

Cilla vs. Games



My questions for you:

  1. What was the first game that gave you feels?
  2. If applicable, what are your favorite love interests in games?
  3. If you could make one game character real, which one would it be and why?
  4. Have you ever learned any lessons from a video game?
  5. If you could give yourself one skill, what would it be?
  6. If you wrote an autobiography, what it be titled?
  7. Favorite color?
  8. Any guilty pleasures (games, movies, TV shows, etc.)?
  9. What made you want to blog?
  10. Do you have any favorite influences?
  11. Do you have a favorite YouTube channel? If so, why?