Final Fantasy XIII-2 Part Two: Innocent Sins

May 18, 2013: As the trio tries to explore the Yaschas Massif, another Altas-esque creature attacks! These creatures must be directly linked to the paradoxes.
It’s a brutal boss fight. It inflicts Wound and constantly casts Deshellga, Deprotectga, and area-of-effect spells, making the Sentinel role basically useless. So annoying.
In the end, a boomerang banishes the beast with an electromagnetic pulse attack. There’s only one Final Fantasy XIII character that uses a boomerang: Hope.


You don’t even get much for “beating” the invader.

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Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Part 11: Disappear

April 24, 2013: Very Odds and Ends
Some weak demons can lead to unique fusions.
Huh, we’ve made most of the armor in this game.
Vile Samael says he has many names.

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Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 2: Innocent Sin Part Seven: The Wages of Sin

April 27, 2012: Damn, Maya’s father was hot!

Masataka Amano. He’s covered wars, y’know…

Masataka Amano was a war correspondent. Before Maya met the other kids and established the Masked Circle, Masataka prepared to leave Japan to cover a war. Maya made a stuffed rabbit for him and called it Mr. Bunbun, but he refused to take it. Her father told her that if she cried, Mr. Bunbun would laugh at her. Masataka told her that he would accept Mr. Bunbun when he returned home, but he died before he could make it back.

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Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call Part Seven

January 19, 2015: Dramatis Personae Continued

Rikku: “This Al Bhed girl formed the Gullwings together with her brother. While the spheres they hunt may reveal a frightening past, Rikku does not avert her eyes from the truth, striding forward and bringing hope to Paine and Yuna despite all.”

Paine: “This taciturn girl does not seem to need others for much, yet her great emotional scars prove that she has cared deeply before. The mysteries of her past follow her into her present, but her new friends will stand beside her regardless.” Continue reading Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call Part Seven

Final Fantasy II Part Five: Last of the Dragoons

May 16, 2015: Now, we have to shlep our butts back to Fynn… again. Ugh, this is starting to remind me of the constant backtracking in Tales of the Abyss. Some RPGs need more than one world to explore.

There was a cyclone outside of Fynn.

Leila was in the castle. “When the storm kicked up and the ship went down, I got separated from ye. I thought ye were dead for sure. It’s good to be wrong now and again!”

Hilda: “The emperor’s foul magic can control even the winds… Polf, Paloom, Altair, Gatrea… all were destroyed, one after the other. And now the Cyclone is headed for Fynn…

The emperor himself is controlling the cyclone, I’ve no doubt.”

Gordon: “The ultimate magic is in our hands, but what good does it do us? The cyclone will kill us before we even have the chance to use it.

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Final Fantasy II Part Four


May 13, 2015: Dude, Where’s Our Boat?

We had to find our boat again. Before we returned to Altair, we took a detour to Mysidia and bought some great new weapons.

Hilda and Gordon set up a Rebel Camp outside of Fynn Castle to retake it.

I parked our boat on the northern part of the Fynn continent, northwest of the camp.

May 14, 2015: Gordon: “You’re to be the heart of our attack. While we hold the bulk of the imperial forces at bay, you’ll slip in and kill the castellan.”

Firion nodded.

Our trio knelt before Hilda, who was happy to see them. “I owe you my life. It would appear you also deserve credit for destroying the Dreadnought. I don’t know how I can ever thank you enough.”

Leila went ahead into Castle Fynn and rejoined us there.

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Final Fantasy II Part Three: Lair of the Lamia

May 12, 2015: Dragon Keeper

The Empire poisoned the waters of Deist in an attempt to kill the wyverns. They did Kefka before Kefka was Kefka!

One of the wyverns clung to life, so we had to get water from a life spring in Deist Cavern to heal it.

This part reminds me of how Lenna’s wind drake was sick in Final Fantasy V, too.

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Final Fantasy II Part Two: 2 Lost 2 Furious

January 2, 2013: Kashuan Keep

I’m frustrated with Maria because her physical attacks suck from the back row, but I don’t want use up her MP all the time (though casting spells is fun). I only kept her in the back row because she started the game off with a bow.

Bows do not suffer a damage penalty from being used in the back row.

It is nice how each weapon type makes a different sound effect.

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The 3rd Birthday Part Two: Aya Getting Married

April 2, 2011: A battle with tough Twisted in T3B.

If you don’t set the OE Board correctly, Aya could wind up with a disease spliced into her DNA!

I feel bad about my guys dying due to my carelessness. What will I do when they’re not around? You just know that Aya is going to go in alone at some point.

I wasted time trying to fight a Twisted that does too much damage; is hard to hurt; regenerates health; and creates small cyclones?!

I guess the manual says to just shoot at Twisted until they’re stunned, but this particular Twisted becomes a lot more dangerous once you nail it with an Overdive Kill for the first time. It also says to heal your guys by OD’ing and hiding behind cover. SIGH

T3B‘s voice acting is better than a trailer led me to assume.

April 4, 2011: I learned how to overlay chips on the OE Board for greater effectiveness, AND I defeated the Emily Jefferson Twisted. Protip: Exploit Aya’s Liberation ability. Any time it’s full. Every time. I also took my magnum into battle.

Aya encountered Emily in Club Sacrifice. The young lady reminded Aya of someone who looked similar to her. Continue reading The 3rd Birthday Part Two: Aya Getting Married

Live-A-Live Part Three: Living Legacies

May 3, 2011: Live-A-Live, how I have missed thee.

The old master had to kick his pupils’ butts. They learned some of his moves from being on the receiving end of them. How cool is that?!

He had them train atop the mountains to build their endurance and in the forest to train their reflexes. That night, after Li and Sammo passed out went to sleep, the old master caught Yuan training alone outside. Aww.

You do not get an equal number of training sessions with the three students. The reason why is soon revealed. Continue reading Live-A-Live Part Three: Living Legacies