Silent Hill Part One: She

Silent Hill

Developer: Team Silent

Publisher: Konami

Platform: PlayStation

Released (North America): January 31, 1999

Released (Europe): August 1, 1999

Released (Japan): March 4, 1999

Originally Played : March 1999

Replayed From: May 2019—June 14, 2019

Apparently some dislike the North American cover, but I think it’s decently mysterious. The back of the box carries the tagline, “Every town has its secrets. Some are just darker than others.” OH BOY ARE THEY

Once you pop the disc out of the jewel case, you see a scary woman’s mad gaze. Eek!

I already beat the game once back in 2012 (after beating it on two rentals when the game first came out in 1999). I’ll be going for a different ending this time.

When you load the game, you’re treated to a high-quality CGI intro from Takayoshi Sato, backed by the titular theme by music maestro Akira Yamaoka.

Because I already beat the game once, I have access to some special options, like changing the blood color and increasing the amount of bullets I receive in my next playthrough. If I recall correctly, the amount increases with each run through the game.

According to my old file, I beat the game in just over five hours with 36 saves.

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Resident Evil 3: Nemesis Part Two: How to Beat Fried Worms

Clock Tower (Take Two)

I had to retrace my steps to make Freeze and Flame Rounds for the Grenade Launcher to beat the Nemesis more easily.

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Resident Evil 3: Nemesis Part One: Uptown Girl

Resident Evil 3: Nemesis

Platform: PlayStation (played on PlayStation 3 via PlayStation Classics)

Developer/Publisher: Capcom

Publisher (PAL Regions): Eidos Interactive

Released (Japan): September 22, 1999

Released (North America): November 11, 1999

Released (Europe): February 21, 2000

Originally Played From: June 7, 2013 – June 21, 2013

Essentially released as a stopgap between Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil CODE: Veronica, RE3:N tells the story of the fate of Raccoon City, and how some of the inhabitants stuck in the bio-organic weapon-infested town tried to survive. The game is mainly concerned with Jill Valentine’s attempts to escape the city with a BOW called the Nemesis in pursuit of her and other former Special Tactics and Rescue Squad members. Her struggle begins in the uptown area of Raccoon City.

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Dead Rising 2 Part One: Misfortune City

Dead Rising 2

Developer: Blue Castle Games (later Capcom Vancouver)

Publisher: Capcom

Platform: Xbox 360

Release (North America): September 28, 2010

Release (Europe): September 24, 2010 (I didn’t know that the game was released in PAL regions first!)

Release (Japan): September 30, 2010

Originally Played From: October 10, 2010 – January 12, 2011

72 hours to kill… Thousands of zombies… What would Chuck do?”

DR2 was the long-awaited canonical sequel to Capcom’s surprise hit, succeeded by the non-canon Dead Rising 2: Off the Record. It had several quality of life improvements over the original game, but does it deserve to be considered as much of a classic?

The premise is very similar to OtR, where the main character has to clear his name after being framed for an explosion in Fortune City that frees the zombies gathered for the Terror is Reality pay-per-view event. Our main character this time is Chuck Greene, a widowed single father, mechanic, and former motocross star trying to earn enough money at TiR to support his young daughter, Katie…

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Adaptation April 2019: Silent Hill: Hunger Part Three

The art has changed, so I guess this is the second “issue”. It has its own foibles, as we’ll soon see. Doug looks pretty different now; a little younger with longer hair in some panels, and like Christopher Eccleston to distracting degrees in others.

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Adaptation April 2019: Silent Hill: Hunger Part Two

Doug realizes that he has a hunger for the story he’s currently obsessed with. “The kind of hunger that physically hurts.”
Clara says that Whately had a room with her, until he abruptly left last night. Doug wants to examine it, but Clara refuses because it wasn’t tidy enough. Bug problems.
Clara explains that Whately had strange comings and goings late at night, and that strange smells wafted out of the room. One night, through the open curtains, she saw him watching some BDSM play between a man and a woman dressed up as doctor and nurse.
Back in the present, Clara somehow casts a shadow shaped like Pyramid Head.

Only it wasn’t her shadow. Not unless she had a head shaped like a pyramid.”
Clara described the doctor and nurse; she believed that they worked at Brookhaven Hospital.
Doug walks through the park to clear his head, but he sees a couple on a bench. At first, it looks like they’re kissing, but on closer inspection, she’s ripping his throat out. He’s still moaning and sighing like he loves it. Doug doesn’t know what’s worse; if he isn’t actually seeing it, or if he is.
At Brookhaven, he asks about the doctor and nurse, but all that the nurse behind the reception desk can talk about is food. Doug starts to realize how so many of the people he’s encountered lately are hungry for something.
Nurse: “I like sushi. And pepperoni pizza. And steak…”

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Adaptation April 2019 #1: Silent Hill: Hunger Part One

Silent Hill: Hunger

This is the last Silent Hill comic that Scott Ciencin wrote. It was featured on The Silent Hill Experience UMD on the PlayStation Portable (the whole thing is on YouTube, however, if you don’t feel like tracking down the UMD and the handheld). It’s a motion comic.

One upside of being on a UMD is that Hunger actually features songs from the games (Silent Hill: Dying Inside was also turned into an MC with a soundtrack). Can confirm that these comics read better with the music, though it’s not enough to elevate them into must- buys.

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Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Part Two: Totally Radical

I tried to beat the “Insurance Scammer” adventure, but it was too hard. I did take over a new garrison, though.

The problem with “Insurance Scammer” is that you have to wipe out the whole squad… with the pistol. There’s ammo nearby, but it ran out. ;-;

The magazine for the pistol can be upgraded if you find all of the VHS tapes. That VHS format is what we used to watch stuff on. Each in-game tape has a brief description of every very ’80s plot. Continue reading Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Part Two: Totally Radical