Kirby’s Return to Dreamland

Kirby’s Return to Dreamland

Developer: HAL Laboratory

Publisher: Nintendo

Platform: Nintendo Wii

Released (North America): October 24, 2011

Released (Japan): October 27, 2011

Released (Europe): November 25, 2011

Released (Australia): December 1, 2011

Originally Played From: December 21, 2011 – March 16, 2012

Kirby is back with all-new Super Abilities!”

Return to Dream Land is a more traditional Kirby game than Kirby’s Epic Yarn. Kirby’s trademark ability to copy powers from certain enemies and objects returns.

The premise of the game is simple. A starship flies out of a wormhole when King Dedede and Waddle Dee try to steal a cake from Kirby as Meta Knight reads a book. When they see the ship, the investigate and meet Magolor, an alien who lost five pieces of his ship, the Lor Starcutter, and 120 Energy Spheres. These items serve as MacGuffins for the player to collect.

Magolor offers the gang a trip to his homeworld, Halcandra (eh? Ehh?), if they help him fix his ship.

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Mortal Kombat 9 Part Five: Finish Him

Cyber Sub-Zero defeated Noob, and then Nightwolf arrived to fight Quan Chi.

Chapter 15: Nightwolf

He defeated Quan, but he fled through a portal. Nightwolf nullified the soulnado by throwing Noob into it. But Raiden’s Kamidogu amulet continued to shatter. He departed Earthrealm to meet with the Elder Gods and put Nightwolf in charge of the Earthrealm defense.

Nightwolf calls Raiden “Haomah”.

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Mortal Kombat 9 Part Four: Rhapsody in Jade

Ermac is disturbed by Sub-Zero’s fight against Cyrax. When Jax tries to attack Ermac, he uses telekinesis to make Jax’s arms explode.
I can safely say that this game’s story mode is harder than that of Injustice: Gods Among Us, probably to throw back to the series’ arcade roots.

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Mortal Kombat 9 Part Three

Goro said that he didn’t expect to fight in this tournament at all. He promised to give Liu Kang a warrior’s death, but the Shaolin monk bested the giant.
When Shang Tsung said that Liu had to fight Goro, Johnny Cage asked, “What’s a Goro?” Sonya just shrugged.
So Liu won the Mortal Kombat tournament and even got a fancy medal. Mega-happy ending, right? Not quite. Raiden’s amulet continued to break.

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Mortal Kombat 9 Part Two: Fire and Ice

Red Eye

Sonya defeated Kano, but Shang Tsung refused to let her take Kano back with her, because he was not her prisoner.

Raiden healed Jax, and the thunder god explained his future visions. Johnny Cage, Sonya, and Jax pledged their loyalty to him on his quest to stop Armageddon.

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Mortal Kombat 9 Part One: Into the Badlands

Mortal Kombat 9

Developer: NetherRealm Studios and High Voltage Software

Publisher: WB Games

Platform: PlayStation 3

Release (North America): April 19, 2011

Release (Europe): April 21, 2011

Originally Played From: June 18, 2015 – June 27, 2016

After years of limbo due to Midway’s collapse and a T for Teen-rated turn with Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe, Mortal Kombat finally made a comeback with this reboot, known as Mortal Kombat 2011 or, more popularly, MK9. Considering that it was followed up by Mortal Kombat X and then 11, it seems that NRS coyly agrees.

This is the Komplete Edition that comes with Klassic Skins and DLC characters Skarlet, Kenshi, Rain, and… Freddy Krueger?

What sets MK9 apart is an obviously high budget, a back to basics approach to gameplay set on a 2D plane instead of a 3D one (and a lack of multiple fighting styles to choose on the fly), and a chapter-based story mode (that actually was established in MkvDCU). It was altogether very well-received, especially the story mode; similar modes in subsequent fighting games have received criticism for trying and failing to reach NRS’ standard.

I eased into the game with the Ladder mode, which is your standard arcade mode. You pick a character (you can change characters if you fail to win a match) and work your way up the ladder, earning more Koins to spend in the unlockable-filled Krypt if you get high combos and Fatalities, and defeat Shao Khan at the end. Your reward is an ending slide for your character.

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Dead Rising 2: Off the Record Part One: Not-So Well Met

Dead Rising 2: Off the Record

System: Xbox 360

Developer: Capcom Vancouver

Publisher: Capcom

Released (US): October 11, 2011

Released (Australia and Japan): October 13, 2011

Released (Europe): October 14, 2011

Played From: October 19, 2011 – November 9, 2011

Off the Record is a rerelease/reimagining of Dead Rising 2, the first Dead Rising game made by Capcom Vancouver. The key difference between DR2 and OtR is who the main character is. DR2 had Chuck Greene, a good but stoic widowed father and mechanic. OtR had Frank West, a freelance photojournalist and the star of the first game. OtR was a “what if?” scenario showing how the events of DR2 would have played out with Frank in the starring role.

The basic premise is the same: Frank goes to Fortune City, Nevada to participate in Terror is Reality, a pay-per-view zombie slaughter show hosted by Tyrone “TK” King. After the show, the zombies get released, and it’s up to Frank to try to save people and crack the conspiracy.

Whereas Chuck had access to motorcycles to take down zombies en masse, Frank has to rely on his melee skills. Chuck wore a firesuit, but Frank is doled out in a mildly embarrassing wrestling singlet.

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F.E.A.R. 3

F.E.A.R. 3 (stylized as F.3.A.R.)

Developer: Day 1 Studios

Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Platform: Xbox 360

Released (North America): June 21, 2011

Released (Australia): June 22, 2011

Released (Europe): June 24, 2011

Played from: April 28, 2014 – May 3, 2014

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