Resident Evil Director’s Cut – Final Thoughts and Trivia

That was kind of fun, but also kind of difficult. The game is so tight with supplies that it emphasizes the survival aspect of survival horror. The backtracking got a little tedious. I can see why this game blew peoples’ minds back then, but I prefer Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3: Nemesis for the PS1 era of the series.

The voice actors apparently used pseudonyms.

One of the Tyrant’s attacks looked like the Shoryuken/Dragon Uppercut from Street Fighter.

I thought I would get graded on my playthrough, like in later RE games. I was expecting a terrible grade for saving so much. I used up almost every ink ribbon. Continue reading Resident Evil Director’s Cut – Final Thoughts and Trivia


Resident Evil Director’s Cut Part Three: Shame Though What They Made

October 17th, 2014: Eyes of the Tiger

I got the Colt Python magnum by fetching the Red Jewel and putting it in the tiger statue in that little room on the Mansion 1F west wing.

I mentioned it because I think this is an optional side quest.

All of the backtracking in the Mansion was getting boring.

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Resident Evil Director’s Cut Part Two


August 24th, 2014: Your path through the mansion takes you out of the mansion and into… the Guard House on the mansion grounds.

I hate this place because I think I know what the game wants to do. So why doesn’t it just do it already?!

Brad called over the radio, but he could not hear Jill trying to respond to him.

The Guardhouse is full of weirdness like Plant 42, giant wasps, and sharks. When you drain the water in the rooms around the shark tank, the medium-sized shark and the two baby sharks just sort of flop around helplessly. Ha! Land animals, bitch. Continue reading Resident Evil Director’s Cut Part Two

Resident Evil Director’s Cut Part One

Resident Evil Director’s Cut

Developer/Publisher: Capcom

System: PlayStation

Released: September 25th, 1997

The “director’s cut” of Resident Evil came out after Resident Evil 2 was delayed. The original version of RE2 was infamously about 70% complete before it was mostly scrapped and reworked from the ground up; the director’s cut of RE1 was made partially to appease fans while RE2 reached completion.

The director’s cut of RE1 features some new modes, such as an “Arrange Mode” which shuffles the locations of some enemies and items. It was made to further challenge experts of the original version of the game. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Director’s Cut also added a Beginner Mode. A very helpful auto-aim feature was added as well.

This was supposed to be the uncensored AND RAW version of the game, but still received some censorship in the live-action FMV scenes.

There was a re-release of the director’s cut in Japan the following year. It added Dual Shock control support, as well as the Biohazard Complete Disc. It featured footage from the prototype of RE2, also known as Resident Evil 1.5. The FMV’s were still censored.

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Final Fantasy VIII Final Thoughts and Stats

Let’s jump right into it.

The Graphics

Kind of a mixed bag. Playstation games generally look horribly dated by now, and while FFVIII had a more realistic style than Final Fantasy VII, it still hasn’t aged very well. In some ways, while it has less flat-shaded polygons than VII, it looks a lot grainier. In terms of realism, some find that the CGI characters fall into the dreaded uncanny valley.

However, there are some great spell and attack effects that look awesome and live up to the standards that you expect from Final Fantasy.

One unfortunate side effect of the realistic character proportions is how they would dwarf locations on the world map. Oops.

The harsh gunmetal gray look of the menus is slightly lame. You can’t customize it, either.

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Final Fantasy VIII Part Four: Promised

January 31st, 2013: Two more bosses to go.

Oh, man. Krysta looks cool. Too bad it speaks in dorky allcaps.

Its death animation is cool, too.

One more to go.

Tiamat was a cool-looking purple dragon.

And then, there were none.

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Final Fantasy VIII Part Three

January 29th, 2013: Even as the President of Esthar, Laguna is still Laguna. He believes that courage is the magic that turns the plan to defeat Ultimecia into reality.

Squall, are you a bad enough dude to follow the President’s plan?

The plan was to let the sorceress Ultimecia compress time… which is what she actually wanted to do. With all of time compressed into one moment, Squall’s team could infiltrate the Lunatic Pandora facility and attempt to defeat Ultimecia in her own era.

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Final Fantasy VIII Part Two

February 3rd, 2010: Dude. I totally won the Quistis card!

I stand in awe of those who completed this game to 100%.

Will Final Fantasy XIII still have random battles? >.>

I thought that one of those “Trepe Groupies” had Quistis’ card, but they all had it. Continue reading Final Fantasy VIII Part Two

Final Fantasy VIII Part One: Heart of the Cards

Final Fantasy VIII

System: PlayStation 1

Developer: Square

Publisher: Square EA/Square Enix

Release: September 9th, 1999

January 24th, 2010: I’m in the last stretch of the game, but there were so many things I never completed, that I’ve yet to attempt the final dungeon.

I tried to get some last-minute upgrades so that my party was as prepared as possible to face Ultimecia. I tried to get everyone’s ultimate weapons and all of the Guardian Forces. Well, that was partially the reason, anyway. I also did these sidequests because I enjoyed the gameplay. Continue reading Final Fantasy VIII Part One: Heart of the Cards

Friday Favorites #2: Creepy Video Game Music

October is nigh, and unlike last year, we’re going all the way with horror games this upcoming month. As a prelude, I’d like to share some of my favorite scary songs from games. They don’t all have to be from horror games, mind you.

You have been warned!

1. “My Heaven”, Silent Hill

Story time: I somehow didn’t realize how truly creepy this song is until I did a “30 Days Meme” for SH back on Tumblr. Just… listen.

2. “Don’t Cry Jennifer”, Clock Tower (SNES)

Question: Is Don’t Cry, Jennifer one of the best video game chase themes of all time? Answer: Yes.

Every element of this song works so well: the rhythm that sounds like a heartbeat; the strange sound that’s probably the laughter of the Scissorman; the tense strings…

3. “Trail of Blood”, Final Fantasy VII

This song accompanies some creepy moments involving Sephiroth. I like the strings.

4. “Hoshingoeka”, Siren

While this song is more atmospheric than scary, I also really like it musically. The Japanese lyrics sync up with the tale of the doomed village really well.

5. “escape from u.b.”, Parasite Eve

You’re Aya Brea, a badass cop with “good” evolved mitochondria awakened by a chance encounter with an opera singer who also unknowingly possessed evil evolved mitochondria. As Aya, you’re pretty desperate to save the world from the titular Eve’s offspring, the so-called Ultimate Being. Eventually, you seriously wound U.B., but he just refuses to die. So you retreat into the bowels of a Navy carrier to overlord the engines, hopefully taking U.B. with it. He chases after you, slowly picking up speed, with this playing in the background. 

Do you have any favorite creepy songs from video games?