Silent Hill (2006) Final Thoughts and Trivia

I think I like the first Silent Hill movie more than most. I’m still entranced by this movie 14 years later. I love the look, I love how it almost entirely uses several of Akira Yamaoka’s songs from the first few games (that’s like half the reason why I like the film), and I love the emotion poured into the movie. In my opinion, it’s faithful to the spirit of Team Silent’s games, if not the letter. We’ll be getting to that issue soon, and how it relates to the sequel.

It’s not a movie that can be fully taken in once. Movie YouTuber Chris Stuckmann alluded to such in his review, saying that he disliked the film when he first saw it, but it still stuck with him (no pun intended), so he saw it again to review it, and he saw more to appreciate.

Almost every time I watch this movie, I discover some new story element, or foreshadowing, or a visual element that I didn’t notice before. I’m not implying that people who dislike or are neutral to the movie are wrong, man, just because they didn’t give it enough of a chance to watch it more than once, but if you are interested in it, I encourage you to check it out. Continue reading Silent Hill (2006) Final Thoughts and Trivia

Adaptation April: Silent Hill (2006)


You chose. You chose Sharon.”

Silent Hill | Released: April 21, 2006 | Released (Australia): August 31, 2006

The first SH movie is an adaptation, or perhaps more of a reimagining, of the first game.

The film opens at night with parents Rose and Chris Da Silva (Radha Mitchell and Sean Bean) worrying about their daughter, Sharon (Jodelle Ferland), who has once again gone sleepwalking. She left the house and wandered off, so Rose and Chris run after her. Sharon stands on top of a cliff, muttering “home” over and over. The camera zooms in to the bottom of the waterfall, and briefly shows a crying girl standing on a rusty floor.

Just as Sharon is about to swan dive off of the cliff, Rose tackles her. She tries to squirm out of her mother’s arms as she repeats the name “Silent Hill”. Rose promises her that they’ll get there soon.

In the background, there’s a lighted crucifix.

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Resident Evil Outbreak File #2 Final Thoughts and Trivia

I came into this review with some confidence, but coming off of File #2, I related to the complaints about the Outbreak games more than I ever had before. However, there’s still something about Outbreak, isn’t there? It has a challenging survival aspect that only Resident Evil can. Classic RE, that is. As the horror genre evolves, it left the survival aspect behind.

Playing with AI characters is an… experience. Sometimes, it’s like herding cats because of some characters’ item preferences (David died in my successful run of “End of the Road” because he prefers weapons and ammo to health items). Some characters simply aren’t around for most of the scenario, presumably to simulate splitting up. One particular annoyance unexpectedly emerges from some characters’ generosity; some offer up poor items, or offer items at inopportune times. For what it’s worth, characters seem to assert their personalities more in 2. Continue reading Resident Evil Outbreak File #2 Final Thoughts and Trivia