Final Fantasy II: Final Stats, Thoughts, and Trivia

Is Final Fantasy II the worst Final Fantasy game? Not in my mind, not in terms of the one I enjoyed the least. FFII is a JRPG with decent gameplay, but it feels very dated and bland in certain aspects. FFII introduced a lot of tropes and elements that were refined in later FF games, such as:

Named characters with defined personalities (though Firion is pretty bland)

A character named Cid


A back row for characters in battle

The deaths of several ally characters

Dragoons and the surname Highwind

The Ultima spell

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Final Fantasy II Part Six: Hellraisers

May 19, 2015: You can go back to Deist and tell the dragoon widow about Ricard. “Ricard’s gone, too, then…” She cried into her hands. “He was a… a noble dragoon. I’m sure he was… pleased that he could… d-die in the name of honor…”

The woman decided to take her son and leave Deist at last.

There are too many painful memories within these walls,” she said. “Oh! I meant to thank you for saving the wyvern egg and for giving me the chance to see Ricard one last time. That’s why I want you to have this. It was the most treasured possession of the dragoons of Deist: Excalibur. With Ricard gone, you should be the ones to wield this sword.

Our final destination: the Jade Passage, a dungeon cave with crystals all over the walls.

In this dungeon, Great Malboros show their true colors when they attack and inflict like EVERY ailment on you.

A monster in a treasure box is the Blue Dragon! O_O

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Final Fantasy II Part Five: Last of the Dragoons

May 16, 2015: Now, we have to shlep our butts back to Fynn… again. Ugh, this is starting to remind me of the constant backtracking in Tales of the Abyss. Some RPGs need more than one world to explore.

There was a cyclone outside of Fynn.

Leila was in the castle. “When the storm kicked up and the ship went down, I got separated from ye. I thought ye were dead for sure. It’s good to be wrong now and again!”

Hilda: “The emperor’s foul magic can control even the winds… Polf, Paloom, Altair, Gatrea… all were destroyed, one after the other. And now the Cyclone is headed for Fynn…

The emperor himself is controlling the cyclone, I’ve no doubt.”

Gordon: “The ultimate magic is in our hands, but what good does it do us? The cyclone will kill us before we even have the chance to use it.

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Final Fantasy II Part Four


May 13, 2015: Dude, Where’s Our Boat?

We had to find our boat again. Before we returned to Altair, we took a detour to Mysidia and bought some great new weapons.

Hilda and Gordon set up a Rebel Camp outside of Fynn Castle to retake it.

I parked our boat on the northern part of the Fynn continent, northwest of the camp.

May 14, 2015: Gordon: “You’re to be the heart of our attack. While we hold the bulk of the imperial forces at bay, you’ll slip in and kill the castellan.”

Firion nodded.

Our trio knelt before Hilda, who was happy to see them. “I owe you my life. It would appear you also deserve credit for destroying the Dreadnought. I don’t know how I can ever thank you enough.”

Leila went ahead into Castle Fynn and rejoined us there.

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Final Fantasy II Part Three: Lair of the Lamia

May 12, 2015: Dragon Keeper

The Empire poisoned the waters of Deist in an attempt to kill the wyverns. They did Kefka before Kefka was Kefka!

One of the wyverns clung to life, so we had to get water from a life spring in Deist Cavern to heal it.

This part reminds me of how Lenna’s wind drake was sick in Final Fantasy V, too.

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Final Fantasy II Part Two: 2 Lost 2 Furious

January 2, 2013: Kashuan Keep

I’m frustrated with Maria because her physical attacks suck from the back row, but I don’t want use up her MP all the time (though casting spells is fun). I only kept her in the back row because she started the game off with a bow.

Bows do not suffer a damage penalty from being used in the back row.

It is nice how each weapon type makes a different sound effect.

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Final Fantasy II Part One: Baffled in Bafsk

I love how minimalistic the box art for the PSP versions of Final Fantasy I and II are.

Final Fantasy II

System: PlayStation Portable

Developer/Publisher (Famicom): Square

Developer/Publisher (Remakes): Square Enix

Released (Famicom): December 17, 1988

Released (PSP, Japan): June 7, 2007

Released (PSP, North America): July 24, 2007

Released (PSP, Europe): February 8, 2008

A long lived peace…

is at an end.”

September 12, 2011: Hold on. Am I supposed to die right off the bat?

Yes. FFII opens with four young people (Firion, Guy, Maria, and her brother Leon) trying to fend off Palamecian Black Knights.

Firion, Maria, Leon, and Guy with the Emperor looming in the background.

 The Empire of Palamecia, led by their Emperor, is trying to take over the world. The Empire killed these four protagonists’ parents.

At the outset of the game, you are thrust into a hopeless battle against the Black Knights, who leave you for dead.

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Phantasy Star III: Generations of Doom Final Stats, Thoughts, and Trivia

Phantasy Star III: Generations of Doom is a game with a solid concept saddled with less-than-solid execution. The game was not made with the help of Phantasy Star co-creator Rieko Kodama, and the game was rushed.

The Story

The story is lacking much personality and characterization. Note how we get so much exposition in the third gen that finally explains the backstory and introduces the big bad, Dark Force. Another sign that the game was rushed?

If I was to ask you what PSIII is about, what would you tell me? Does the game really have any overarching themes? I could tell you about the themes of Dragon Age II (family and the conflict between the templars and mages) or Final Fantasy XIII (the veracity of free will), but for PSIII, the biggest theme I get is the problems brought upon by previous generations being left to the next generation to clean up. But the game never really delves into the emotions that such conflicts would believably invoke.

Remember Lyle? He actually died in gen two, but I forgot to bring it up. It was a missed opportunity to add characterization to the relatives that knew him.

The generation system is the game’s main gimmick, but the women are barely established, so the decisions can be hard to make. Heck, the princes are barely established as well!

The game would have been better if it had more cutscenes like the one at the end.

To the translators’ credit, Generations of Doom is a much cooler title than Successors of Time.

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Phantasy Star III: Generations of Doom Part Six: End of a Generation

April 21, 2015: Welcome to Terminus

We made it to Lashute on planet Terminus. One of the women there said, “We wanted Siren and Lune to start another war, but we needed Rhys to bring Satellite back. And that’s exactly what that old fool did!”

The women at the start of the city told us that our deaths awaited us here.

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Phantasy Star III: Generations of Doom Part Five

April 1, 2015: Castle of Silence

We found Laya’s Pendant in the Castle. Even though Laya can’t equip it, I still gave it to her to hold.

We went to the temple. It reacted to Laya’s Pendant and teleported us to the planet Elysium, which Siren programmed to plunge into the sun of its system.

We went to the town of Aerone and found the hidden path to the moon known as Dahlia…

There, a guard told us to find the Aero Parts for Wren down the stairs. “Use them to reach the sky city on Frigidia.” Oh, boy. “There, you may find the strength to combat evil.”

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