Dragon Age II Final Thoughts

Content Advisory: This post discusses implied sexual abuse in Fenris’ backstory.

There’s a lot to analyze about DAII. Let’s take it step by step.

The Aesthetics

I like the blood motif of the cover art for the first two Dragon Age games. I also like the default look for Hawke.

In terms of graphics, DAII is a bit of a mixed bag. It looks better than DA:O and has a brighter color palette, but after getting used to the look of DA:O and Dragon Age: Inquisition, DAII looks weird to me now. The human characters look kind of generic, and the attempt to diversify the look of elves feels like a misstep. Elves look more slender than humans overall, and have pronounced cheekbones and eyes. Characters still escape the Uncanny Valley better than the humans of Mass Effect, however.

I have to say that the elven DLC character Tallis, modeled after and voiced by the adorable Felicia Day, looks a bit weird to me. Tallis looks like an elven version of Day.

Characters from DA:O look pretty faithful to their appearances in that game, except for Flemeth, whose character was totally redesigned, and Zevran, an elf.

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Dragon Age II Part 11

Guess what? Sandal isn’t Bodahn’s biological son! Bodahn found him all alone in the Deep Roads, and raised him as his own!

Sandal: “I like Bodahn!”

Bodahn said that Sandal has always enchanted things. A year after they moved to the surface, Bodahn brought Sandal to a Circle of Magi. They declared him a savant. But then, they started eying him as if they wanted to keep him there, so Bodahn took him and left.

Sandal made a special rune for Hawke to use. It increases the chance of knocking an enemy back. Continue reading Dragon Age II Part 11

Dragon Age II Part 10: Alone No More

Whilst trying to stem the tide of revolutionaries, we met an Orlesian Grey Warden named Stroud. He thanked us for helping him fight off a group of Qunari revolutionaries, but he could not stay due to a more “pressing matter” of great secrecy. “Maker watch over you, my friend.”

He gave Hawke a ring: the Warden’s Promise and left Darktown.

Unlocked Mogul.

At one point, the elves joined in. Oh, dear.

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Dragon Age II Part Eight: The Ultimatum

A letter from Leandra arrived. She said that Lothering is beyond saving until the taint of the Fifth Blight left the land.

Isabela defaced the crest on one of the shields hung as decoration in the estate. If examined, Hawke says, “Cover the left half, and… Oh, Isabela! I can’t unsee that.”

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Dragon Age II Part Seven: A Paragon of His Kind

Bartrand’s estate seemed innocent enough. If you agree to investigate it, the game makes you play as Varric. He picks apart Bartrand’s fleet of guards.

I was very confused to play as him, but that’s how I learned that he. Is. Awesome.

Three shots. That’s how many shots it takes to kill a guard. With Rhyming Triplet, they don’t survive the second shot.

Of course, there may be a point to all this…

With one bolt, Varric killed the three guards in front of Bartrand, who of course begged for his life. He explained his behavior being motivated out of jealousy for his little brother…

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Dragon Age II Part Six: We’re Alone Now

Down there in the Thaig, we encountered these things called the Profane. A weird demon was leading them. It liked the sound of its own voice too much. It wanted us to kill another demon in exchange for a way out.

…Or you could just kill them both. It wasn’t easy.

Behind the Rock Wraith was a hoard of treasure. It… it was beautiful.

Oh, and one of the chests had a key for our exit to the surface, or whatever. Continue reading Dragon Age II Part Six: We’re Alone Now

Dragon Age II Part Five: The Deep Roads Expedition

Varric will not be objectified by Isabela!

Varric: “Rivaini. Stop looking at my chest. My eyes are up here.”

Isabela: But the chest hair…”

Do you know how much I suffer under your gaze? I am a person, not an object!”

Uh, Varric?”

Varric laughed. “Just shitting you.”

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Dragon Age II Part Four: The Spirit of Vengeance

Tranquility”: In search of Deep Roads maps, Hawke and her companions meet Anders, a former Grey Warden who ran a clinic in Darktown. He’s in hiding because he’s a bloody mage.


In exchange for the maps, Anders asks for help with freeing a mage friend of his. Anders originally came to Kirkwall to finish this task.

His friend, Karl Thekla, was imprisoned in the Gallows. But by the time we reached the Chantry, Karl was already a Tranquil. Then, some Templars came to kill us, but Anders used some sort of frightening power to help us fend them off. This power, derived from the Fade, brought Karl back from being Tranquil, but only for a time. He begged Anders to kill him. Ilyria tried to talk Anders out of it, but he couldn’t stand to have a friend made Tranquil.

He said goodbye one last time before he stabbed Karl.

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Dragon Age II Part Two: Sundermount

Part Two: Sundermount

Mom wanted to see the will to check if Gemlon’s claims about it were true. Unfortunately, it was in the vault on the family estate, which he sold to settle debts (called it ~). Fortunately, our dearest uncle knew of a tunnel to the estate that we could use to sneak in.

Unfortunately (once again), the enemies in Kirkwall are already a bit too tough with just the three of us, so we went to pick up Aveline at the Viscount’s Keep. She was a little unhappy with her job there; she wondered if she had been demoted because she stepped on somebody’s toes somewhere. Continue reading Dragon Age II Part Two: Sundermount