Live-A-Live Part Eight: Green-Eyed Monsters

April 2, 2015: We limped back to the castle. The guards could hardly believe that Hash died.

The king apologized and told the trio to rest in one of the rooms.

Orsted dreamt about Alicia in the grip of the Demon King.

Stay away!”

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Live-A-Live Part Seven: The Demon King

April 2, 2015: You play as Oersted, a knight representing the West in the Lucretian Battle Tournament. His opponent representing the East is Straybow. The prize: Princess Alicia’s hand in marriage.

Straybow: “Don’t hold back. Even though we’re friends… If you go easy on me, I won’t forgive you!”

Oersted won.

Alicia: “Oersted, was it? It was quite a… manly battle. It is with pleasure… that I become your queen.”

The king called a feast. Later that evening, Alicia talked to Oersted. Continue reading Live-A-Live Part Seven: The Demon King

Live-A-Live Part Two: Prehysteria

April 25, 2011: An L-A-L shrine says to just keep plugging away, but it doesn’t work!! Nothing happens!

It seems like if you battle a Kuu Tribe member outside of the exit, they just won’t go away! Killing them does not remove them from the entrance. So I’ve tried to outrun them but right in front of the exit, they keep coming until ANOTHER one physically replaces the one you already killed. Only two are on-screen at a time. But another one just replaced the one I killed and I still get encounters in front of the exit. It feels impossible.

L-A-L is a wonderful game, but it has some very frustrating parts. This is a theme of most of the scenarios.

April 30, 2011: Guess what? Through the magic of YouTube‘s BoltMcGammar, I found out how to get Gori back. Let’s rock.

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Phantasy Star III: Generations of Doom Part Six: End of a Generation

April 21, 2015: Welcome to Terminus

We made it to Lashute on planet Terminus. One of the women there said, “We wanted Siren and Lune to start another war, but we needed Rhys to bring Satellite back. And that’s exactly what that old fool did!”

The women at the start of the city told us that our deaths awaited us here.

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Phantasy Star III: Generations of Doom Part Five

April 1, 2015: Castle of Silence

We found Laya’s Pendant in the Castle. Even though Laya can’t equip it, I still gave it to her to hold.

We went to the temple. It reacted to Laya’s Pendant and teleported us to the planet Elysium, which Siren programmed to plunge into the sun of its system.

We went to the town of Aerone and found the hidden path to the moon known as Dahlia…

There, a guard told us to find the Aero Parts for Wren down the stairs. “Use them to reach the sky city on Frigidia.” Oh, boy. “There, you may find the strength to combat evil.”

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Final Fantasy XIII Part Seven

April 22, 2010: On one of the side docks on the Palamecia, Lightning and the others were menaced by a storm dragon. After the party defeated it, another one flew overhead. Before the second dragon attacked, there was a giant explosion. Somebody blew a hole in the deck from the inside out. And…

…a chocobo flew out, chirping joyously. It was Sazh and Vanille! We got the band back together!

Vanille and Fang embraced. Vanille said she had something to tell her companion, but Fang told her now was not the time.

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Final Fantasy XIII Part Six

April 18, 2010: Sazh and Vanille escaped to the entrance to the Fundland attraction. PSICOM dropped a big, fat mech on them.

After Sazh and Vanille wrecked it, Dajh came running out after Sazh. “Daddy!”

Dajh hugged his father and said, “Got you!”

How did you find me?” asked Sazh.

Because you promised.” Continue reading Final Fantasy XIII Part Six

Final Fantasy XIII Part Five: The Cavalry

April 16, 2010: Hope guided Lightning through a passage to an underground complex managed by the fal’Cie Carbuncle. Instead of the cute little rascal you may remember from Final Fantasy VIII, this game’s Carbuncle its a rotating crystal with a creepy face on it.

Light realized something profound after an offhanded comment by Hope—the fal’Cie treat the people of Cocoon like pets. But if any Cocoon citizen became a l’Cie, that care was withdrawn like a spiteful parent.

They worked through the complex to the city square. PSICOM and the Guardian Corps closed in on them from all sides.

Until Snow busted through the crowd of soldiers with the Cavalry l’Cie woman in tow. He summoned Shiva in Gestalt Mode and canvassed the square in ice in a spectacular CGI cutscene. Continue reading Final Fantasy XIII Part Five: The Cavalry

Final Fantasy XIII Part Four: In This Lifetime

April 4, 2010: Before leaving this protracted segment in the Gapra Whitewood, Light and Hope are menaced by a plant/lizard thing. I suggest having a Commando/Synergist Paradigm before staggering it with the Dualcasting (Ravager/Ravager) Paradigm.

The Aster Protoflorian has some brutal attacks that require more than a mere Potion to recover from.

Getting past this beast was “Operation Nora, Phase One” according to Hope. After the duo defeated it, Lightning told him that “You did well.”

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Final Fantasy XIII Part Three: The Worst Birthday Ever

March 30, 2010: We wrecked a piece of leftover Pulse machinery and received an Omni Kit. This allows us to upgrade our weapons and accessories at save points. All those items that seem useless are components for upgrades.

The upgrade system could have been better handled. Progression is very slow and requires a ton or components, from what I remember.

Eventually, Lightning revealed her plan: infiltrate Eden, the cradle of the Sanctum. Vanille and Sazh were reluctant to join her; but since Hope believed that destroying Eden would doom Cocoon and Serah’s Focus, therefore hurting Snow, he tagged along with Lightning. To get to Eden, they had to cut through Palumpolom. Continue reading Final Fantasy XIII Part Three: The Worst Birthday Ever