Live-A-Live Part 10

June 13, 2016: Yuan wandered through the darkness until he saw glimpses of strange and unfamiliar places. Eventually, he found a staircase and went up it. The stairs led to a snowy mountain. He found a man who wore and odd hat and a poncho, who wandered off.

Huh, for the final chapter, some of the monsters sure are cute.

Yuan found an Iron Box.

I have to fight these cute little puppies?! But they’re so ADORABLE

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Clock Tower Final Thoughts

Cover for Clock Tower: The First Fear original soundtrack

For a game that has never officially been released in English, there is a whooole lot to talk about in regards to CT.

The Presentation

I like the realistic style of CT‘s graphics. Some of the stills were digitized, though they have a slight illustrative look, as if the stills were touched up after being captured. For a 16-bit horror game, it works surprisingly well.

The music and sound are pretty effective, probably moreso because most of the gameplay is quite silent until something scary or emotional happens. Continue reading Clock Tower Final Thoughts

VGJ Quickie: Clock Tower

Clock Tower box art. I love it.

Clock Tower

System: Super Famicom

Publisher/Developer: Human Entertainment

Released: September 14th, 1995

CT was one of the first games I played through when I first started emulating old games out of curiosity. I joked that I would emulate games until the FBI knocked on my door – and if they did, to please send Norman Jayden from Heavy Rain.

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