Adaptation April: Silent Hill (2006)


You chose. You chose Sharon.”

Silent Hill | Released: April 21, 2006 | Released (Australia): August 31, 2006

The first SH movie is an adaptation, or perhaps more of a reimagining, of the first game.

The film opens at night with parents Rose and Chris Da Silva (Radha Mitchell and Sean Bean) worrying about their daughter, Sharon (Jodelle Ferland), who has once again gone sleepwalking. She left the house and wandered off, so Rose and Chris run after her. Sharon stands on top of a cliff, muttering “home” over and over. The camera zooms in to the bottom of the waterfall, and briefly shows a crying girl standing on a rusty floor.

Just as Sharon is about to swan dive off of the cliff, Rose tackles her. She tries to squirm out of her mother’s arms as she repeats the name “Silent Hill”. Rose promises her that they’ll get there soon.

In the background, there’s a lighted crucifix.

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Silent Hill Final Thoughts, Analysis, Endings, and Trivia

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Silent Hill Part Four: Not Tomorrow

Nowhere had rooms from the school, too. In one room, there was a lone desk with bullying words and phrases carved into it: “Go home.” “Thief.” “Drop dead.”

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