Silent Hill Part Four: Not Tomorrow

Nowhere had rooms from the school, too. In one room, there was a lone desk with bullying words and phrases carved into ti: “Go home.” “Thief.” “Drop dead.” Continue reading Silent Hill Part Four: Not Tomorrow


Silent Hill Part Three: Killed By Death


When you try to go up the escalator in the Town Center, Cheryl appears on a bank of TVs. It looks like her hands are bound. “Daddy, help me. Where are you?”

Cheryl’s image is soon replaced by Alessa and the Mark of Samael, among other symbols that I don’t recognize. Continue reading Silent Hill Part Three: Killed By Death

Silent Hill Part One: She

Silent Hill

Developer: Team Silent

Publisher: Konami

Platform: PlayStation

Released (North America): January 31, 1999

Released (Europe): August 1, 1999

Released (Japan): March 4, 1999

Originally Played : March 1999

Replayed From: May 2019—June 14, 2019

Apparently some dislike the North American cover, but I think it’s decently mysterious. The back of the box carries the tagline, “Every town has its secrets. Some are just darker than others.” OH BOY ARE THEY

Once you pop the disc out of the jewel case, you see a scary woman’s mad gaze. Eek!

I already beat the game once back in 2012 (after beating it on two rentals when the game first came out in 1999). I’ll be going for a different ending this time.

When you load the game, you’re treated to a high-quality CGI intro from Takayoshi Sato, backed by the titular theme by music maestro Akira Yamaoka.

Because I already beat the game once, I have access to some special options, like changing the blood color and increasing the amount of bullets I receive in my next playthrough. If I recall correctly, the amount increases with each run through the game.

According to my old file, I beat the game in just over five hours with 36 saves.

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Aliens: Infestation Part Two: Get Your Butt to Mars

Despite Zoe’s sacrifice in stopping the Queen, enough time elapsed for the Sulaco to reach Phobos. Losso took over to search the facility there. By the time they arrived, it was eerily silent. Dead humans everywhere, with the odd xenomorph.

Yeah, I lost Zoe, and that really sucked, but I got a new Marine: Mei-Lin “Beta” Chau. When I got a weapon upgrade playing as her, she said, “Upgrade get!” New favorite character confirmed. Continue reading Aliens: Infestation Part Two: Get Your Butt to Mars

Aliens: Infestation Part One: Semper Fi

Aliens: Infestation

Developer: Gearbox Software and WayForward Technologies

Publisher: Sega

System: Nintendo DS

Released (North America): October 11, 2011
Released (Australia): September 29, 2011

Released (Europe): September 30, 2011

Originally Played From: March 16, 2015—April 16, 2015

The premise of the game is that, after the events of Aliens and Alien 3, the USS Sephora discovers the USS Sulaco adrift in space. Colonial Marines are dispatched to investigate the life form detected on the Sulaco

One of the game’s main gimmicks is that you can only take four Marines into your party. If one of them dies, they’re gone for good. Fallen Marines can be replaced with new characters that can be discovered and recruited.

Alien eggs are fantastically gross when you blow them up with grenades.

I lost Johnston because she got wounded and I didn’t find her. I feel silly.

I like how the back of the box says, “Game Over, Man!”

There is some good sound design here with faithful replications of the Pulse Rifle’s shot.

This game has a dark past as a companion to Aliens: Colonial Marines, one of the biggest and saddest farces in recent gaming history…

Sometimes, I think that I could check out A:CM, but I don’t think it would be worth the effort.

We got a new Marine to replace the one that I accidentally left behind.

Spoke too soon. I lost him, and the game wouldn’t let me get to where he was.


Cameron got KO’ed and taken into the vents, so I sent Paulson in to rescue him. When Paulson found him, he said that he was “kinda weak” and “nauseous”. Uh-oh.

Not that we had the chance to see what happened to him, because he got killed by this crazy xenomorph with a trunk. It was huge and could spit acid at you. It was so hard to beat. I didn’t put my full effort into killing it because I thought that I may get a game over and get to restart, but I killed it with only scrawny little Private Whistler anyway. Oops.

We started off on the USS Sulaco, and then went to LV-426. We were trying to escape when xenos crashed our vehicle and we plowed into the ship from Alien. I think it’s called the Boneship?

It’s actually known as the Derelict.

It was awesome to see it recreated in the game, but then we got attacked by that huge xeno and lost three men.

Now, Whistler is the only one left to stop Weyland-Yutani from taking eggs from LV-426 to Phobos. Whistler is sent to the Sulaco to intercept the cargo…

A company man tried to stop him from exploring the Sulaco, but changed his mind when Whistler fired off a warning shot. Heh.

This game finally got interesting.

I don’t think that you would get everything about this game with its areas if you’ve never seen Alien and Aliens.

I’m kind of surprised that the game is only rated T considering the violence level, the gore, and the heavy thematic elements of Alien.

It’s a small thing, but I like the radio noise when characters are talking between themselves and it switches between speakers.

I haven’t played many games with a permadeath mechanic. Others include Resident Evil Outbreak and Outbreak File #2 (once someone died in a scenario, they were D-E-A-D Dead); Heavy Rain; and Fire Emblem: Awakening. I reset whenever someone died and I’ll do it again in the next Fire Emblem!

Is it really called Fire Emblem If? That seems weak for a title. Whatever it winds up being called, I think that I will go on the Hoshido path.

That would be the Hoshido path.

Last Man Standing

Or at least he was, until I found Lance Corporal Losso and Zoe Kennedy, a goth Marine. “Check my psyche eval. I’m full of smiles.” With a dash of sarcasm.

She tends to complain and dark outlook is ironic because the name Zoe means life in Greek.

When Command tells her to use the M240 Incinerator to remove a secretion blocking a door, she says, “I love watching things burn…”

I wonder how she got to be so dark and morbid. Maybe she’s lost other units…

We found another female Marine, Amber Fischer. She’s the one on the box. She has long, pretty hair on her sprite, but her portrait shows her with a tight bun instead.

I can’t figure out how to get past the Queen in the hangar. I can’t figure out how to trigger her destroying the boxes to allow me to run past her and get to the airlock controls.

3D Gunstar Heroes: When You Wish Upon a Gunstar

The legendary title screen

3D Gunstar Heroes

Platform: Nintendo 3DS

Developer: Treasure (original Sega Genesis/ Mega Drive version)

Publisher: Sega

Released (Japan): June 24, 2015

Released (Worldwide): August 20, 2015

Originally Played From: September 23, 2015—September 25, 2015

Are you ready for one of the best games of all time?

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3D Galaxy Force II/3D Streets of Rage 2

3D Galaxy Force II

Platform: Nintendo 3DS

Developer/Publisher: Sega

Released: December 12, 2013

Originally Played From: June 29, 2015—August 10, 2015

What an adventure! This is probably the first time that I’ve had that feeling from a shooter since I played G-Darius.

Where to begin? This gem from 1988 simulates 3D graphics with an amazing sense of depth. Things are flying at or away from you constantly. It’s a rail shooter, but you can control the speed of your ship, the Quasar.

This game was on my Nintendo eShop wishlist, which I’d forgotten until I noticed that they were having a sale on 3D Sega classics.

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3D Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master

3D Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master

Developer/Publisher: Sega

Platform: Nintendo 3DS

Released (North America/PAL Regions): December 19, 2013

Released (Japan): August 7, 2013

Originally Played from: October 17, 2015—October 20, 2015

You know who everyone loves? Ninjas.

This game has a decently cool intro. Not as cool as Streets of Rage 2, but still cool.

In this game, Joe Musashi has to put a stop to the return of the evil organization Neo-Zeed. The weapons at this disposal: his trusty katana, a limited number of shurikens, a downward diagonal kick, and some ninjutsu spells.

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Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse

Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse

Developer/Publisher: Konami

Platform: Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console (originally Nintendo Entertainment System)

Originally Released (North America): September 1, 1990

Originally Released (Japan): December 22, 1989

Originally Released (PAL Regions): December 10, 1992

Originally Played From: September 10, 2016—January 11, 2017

The intro shows a place framed by film strip borders before transitioning to a frankly adorable narration:

During 15th Century Europe, there lived a person named Dracula.

He practiced sorcery in order to create a bad world filled with evil.

He began taking over the Continent of Europe, changing centuries from good to bad.

The good people of Europe tried to fight Dracula, but no one was able to survive.”

The townspeople were afraid of the Belmonts’ superhuman strength, but they needed one to fight Dracula. They found Trevor Belmont for the task.

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