Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 2: Innocent Sin Part Two

October 4, 2011: This guy outside of Cuss High’s haunted house says there’s no point in scaring guys because he’d rather hear some “nice, high-pitched screams”.

Cuss High” was the nickname for Kasugayama High.

Let’s Find the Corrupt Cuss High School President

That little coward locked us in the air raid shelter in the basement. Now, we’re lost.


Still looost.

October 5, 2011: Let’s Get Un-Lost

Michel and Ginko are absolutely no help.

At least Maya has Mr. Bunbun to bounce along with.

Maya makes Tatsuya smile with the sudden appearance of her old buddy. She tells Tatsuya that he has a great smile, and he blushes.

Tatsuya dreams of a time when he was a little boy. He trades his dad’s watch for another boy’s lighter.

A drunken cop comes out of the bar adjacent to the clothes shop that the boys are standing in front of.

He looks at himself in the shop’s window, and tells himself that he’s looking like a man living up to his dreams.

As Kaoru shuffles off, the other boy wisely observes that adults drink to forget their dreams, and that he never wants to be like that.

Finally, with Yukiko’s camera, we are able to reveal the exit to the air raid shelter and leave.

October 6, 2011: Let’s Find the Cuss High President… Again

We find him using a strange skull to absorb energy from the kids wearing masks at the masquerade. He runs off, and is seen heading up to the school roof.

October 7, 2011: Unfortunately, all that awaits the team on the roof is a radio, just like when they were tricked into going into the shelter.

Turns out that he’s just hiding behind the exterior of the 4th floor stairwell. Eikichi finds and confronts him.

Yasuo explains that, with the help of Joker and the Masked Circle, he has improved Kasugayama High and offers the opportunity to team up with him to Eikichi. He rejects it, and Yasuo retaliates with his Persona.

As a boss, he’s weak to fire and ranged attacks, but he absorbs ice. His own attacks are nominal.

A masked Anna, or Lady Scorpio, appears and takes Yasuo’s crystal skull. He was using it to steal “Ideal Energy” at the masquerade for the Circle. Another masked person, King Leo, incinerates Yasuo and asks Lady Scorpio how she will face the consequences of her recent failures. She responds by swearing that “Yukino is mine”, and vanishes.

King Leo calls Tatsuya the Cursed Star, and promises that he will burn in the fires of purgatory with Maya.

Maya is so shaken that she cries out for her father…

Maya claims that her Persona told her that King Leo has been stalking her for years.

The team returns to the gym and finds that the people whose Ideal Energy was absorbed have completely turned into Shadow People. The team decides to ask around for rumors about Joker and the Circle.

Yukino privately swears to save Anna as Ms. Saeko saved her once.

We followed the trail of rumors and were pointed to someone now in Hanmaru Park.

Let’s Go to Hanmaru Park

I unlocked a Persona with a gold-colored card icon by its name! What does that mean?

October 8, 2011: Let’s Investigate Mu

There is just no winning with some demons.

Let’s See What Lisa’s Friends Have Gotten Themselves into at Giga Macho

They wanted to be pop idols… but Lisa didn’t, so she complained about going to Giga Macho. We’ll see how Joker perverted their dreams…

I’ve barely put any points into Tatsuya’s Strength stat. I don’t really see that point.

In certain Shin Megami Tensei games and spinoffs, you can put points that you get upon leveling up into the protagonist’s stats of your choosing. In most SMT games, I eschew putting points into Strength and usually put them into magic or agility. Magic is useful for enemies’ elemental weaknesses, while agility can help you act first and dodge attacks.

Some demons like it rough.

Turns out that Michel’s name is like the French Michel, non?

October 13, 2011: Some demons don’t act like they look at all. You’d figure that Tengu would be really wise and snooty. You’d be wrong.

We finally reach the “viewing room” of Macho where Muses and their producer are being interviewed by radio personality “Meteor Masa”. Ginko has to play along with the interview.

Ginji, Muses’ producer, is suspicious. Handsome, but harsh-looking with a distant expression. Lisa has to go with him and Muses to the concert hall in Aoba.

Lisa was asked if she had a crush, and she hinted that it was Tatsuya, but Eikichi thought it was him.

Baofu?! Huh, Maya knew of him before Eternal Punishment.

Baofu was one of the party members in EP.

Spreading the Clair de Lune weapons rumor is worth it. Also, it gives you an excuse to talk to Garcón Soejima.

As in Shigenori Soejima, who later took over main character design duties from Persona 3 onward.

Talking to flowers is oddly profound.

The BGM at Aoba Park is so beautfiul.

Wise” demons are suckers for Maya’s “Discuss Parents” tactic. :3

Surprisingly, demons have parents.

There are tons of treasures in Aoba Park, too.