Soul Nomad and the World Eaters Part 12: Chimera

APRIL 16th, 2008: Gamma and Joules summoned a World Eater into battle! Then Joules ate him to absorb his power because he and Gamma were World Rulers.

They summoned Feinne, who promptly asked to be delivered into the cycle of rebirth. Gig and Izabella fulfilled her wish.

Joules and Gamma called upon the World Ruler Drazil. They begged him for power. So they fused into a giant monster with three “heads”: Death (Gamma), Life (Joules), and Ruler (Drazil). Gig was nonplussed. He reassured Izabella that they were better because they had been fused for much longer.

The goal of the battle of Map 49 was to endure three rounds. We did that…

Map 50: Gestahl got blown away during the previous “fight”, so he proposed that Izabella eat him… to gain his full power, utterly, completely. And before she could do that, she had to strike him down.

APRIL 17th, 2008: We struck Gestahl down. “If I can grant my power to my child… I have no regrets,” he said. “I look forward to the new world you will create… the world you will lead.”

Then the onyx blade ate him.

Turned out that the sword passed down through Median’s lineage. Izabella could use it because she was Median’s child in her previous life.

In the battle against Drazil, the only way to destroy him was to make your way through his cannon fodder. One of his décor items increased his level by 100 for each ally unit. After we thrashed his forces, his level was reduced to forty-two.

He didn’t stand a chance. But of course, he had to level the odds. He absorbed more Drazillians, and cloned himself!!

Then, he blew Layna away. Desperate, Izabella asked Gig to take her body. Danette protested. Izabella insisted that she had to.

Danette proposed that she be turned into a Crimson Tear. Gig bitched that it was a boneheaded idea. He proposed that she lend him her strength as a World Eater.

He said that he felt “really shitty” for what Drazil did to Haephnes. Even though Drazil was controlling him, he enjoyed it, but after, he felt awful.

Danette broke the seal that bound Gig’s power. Then, he took over Izabella’s body.

She became Gig.

He then summoned a wicked scythe and promptly shoved it up Drazil’s ass. Metaphorically speaking.

After, Izabella went back to normal. She and Danette tried to talk to him. But he wouldn’t respond.

Danette became soppy with tears. She threatened to never cook him hotpods again, and started calling him stupid like it was going out of style.

Then, she quickly retracted her threats, threw her head back, and for the first time in the entire game, called out his name.

Cue credits! Aw, man. Of course there was a pretty theme song. It was called “Cradle of the Ivory Moon”.

Thankfully, there was more after the credits. In a truly meta game moment, Gig took over a new game. WHA?!!

Originally, I was just going to transcribe my original transcription of the ending, but then I had a nagging realization: I have YouTube now. There was no excuse to not just link you to the ending that I got (unbeknownst to me at the time, I got the Danette ending! :D). So enjoy!

If you want to download the triumphant “Cradle of the Ivory Moon”, go here: