The DISSIDIA Saga Final Thoughts and Stats: Too Much of a Good Thing?

DISSIDIA is a good looking game. The PSP’s fantastic screen helps.

In terms of audio, it’s a treat as well. The game features remixes of many of the most famous themes from Final Fantasy games. I kind of partially used the game as an FF jukebox. There is also some good original music, such as “Cosmos”.

However, some of the voice acting was a bit off. JD Cullum, the voice actor for Kuja, addressed this in YouTube comments. The voice direction for the original game was spotty. The voice acting for 012 is generally regarded as superior, but the cutscenes for the original story mode were not redubbed, creating a discrepancy in the overall quality of the voice acting. Continue reading The DISSIDIA Saga Final Thoughts and Stats: Too Much of a Good Thing?


The DISSIDIA Saga Part Eight

April 16th, 2015: Morou has this to say: “If you’re going to play that way… What kind of horror story would you like to hear, kupo? Give me an example, kupo! Yeah! How about you tell me one, kupo? I want you to try to scare me, kupo!”

I’ll show you scary.

I’m actually a ghost.

>>I like to eat moogles.

You don’t really exist.

I thought that answer would get the funniest reaction. Mwahahaha!

The third one seemed the scariest…

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The DISSIDIA Saga Part Seven


April 10th, 2015: The Astromog said that my ideal partner is… Galuf?! “His unique meanderings will keep you distracted before you realize you just saved the world!”

This one moogle is weird! It says, “EXECUTING MISSION RECEIVE kp GIVE MERCHANDISE”. It only flies in straight lines.

Zidane: “What? Do I need a reason to help someone?” Continue reading The DISSIDIA Saga Part Seven

The DISSIDIA Saga Part Three

DISSIDIA 012 Final Fantasy

System: Sony PlayStation Portable

Developer/Publisher: Square Enix

Released: March 22nd, 2011

The What: An enhanced version of DISSIDIA with new features (such as overworld maps in story mode), characters, and a new prologue scenario that tells the story of the 12th cycle in the war between Cosmos and Chaos. Also, some of the Warriors were on different sides of the conflict in the 12th cycle.

The Who – The Warriors of Cosmos, 12th Cycle

Kain Highwind (Tactical Striker), Tifa Lockhart (Feint Brawler), Laguna Loire (Tactical Gunner), Yuna (Grand Summoner), Vaan (Adroit Attacker), and Claire “Lightning” Farron (Paradigm Commando).

The story of the 12th cycle is that Chaos is winning the war. The manikins modeled after the Warriors of Cosmos and Chaos helped tip the balance in Chaos’ favor. Despite the threat of the manikins, the Warriors of Cosmos still have to seek their crystals.

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The DISSIDIA Saga Part Two

January 29th, 2010: At the end of Shade Impulse Chapter 4-2, you have to face Chaos.

An odd thing about Chapter Four: There are no Destiny Point bonuses. DP are added or subtracted throughout most levels for extra items and PP upon completion.

I realized that this game has me like Resident Evil Outbreak with lots of unlockables that need to be bought with points, and scenarios that are meant to be replayed more than once.

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The DISSIDIA Saga Part One

DISSIDIA Final Fantasy

System: Sony PlayStation Portable

Developer/Publisher: Square Enix

Release: August 25th, 2009

The What: A crossover fighting game with action RPG elements featuring heroes, villains, summons, and supporting characters from Final Fantasy IXII.

The story is about the war between Cosmos, goddess of harmony, and Chaos, the god of discord. 


DISSIDIA tells the story of the 13th cycle of their war. To further their ends, they summon champions from other worlds to fight for them.

The game initially presents you with the first phase of the 13th cycle. You can choose to play the stories of the Warriors of Cosmos in any order. Each story has its own difficulty rating.

Each story functions as a sort of abridged version of the character’s struggle in their original game.

To prove their worth, Cosmos tells her Warriors to seek crystals. Each crystal is unlocked when the heroes experience an epiphany of some sort.

The Who – The Warriors of Cosmos

The Warrior of Light (Paragon), Firion (Weapons Specialist), the Onion Knight (Mystic Fencer), Cecil (Split Soul), Bartz Klauser (Mimic), Terra Branford (Esperkin), Cloud Strife (Buster Basher), Squall Leonhart (Relentless Revolver), Zidane (Aerial Ace), and Tidus (Spry Striker).

The Warriors of Chaos

Garland (Nemesis), the Emperor Mateus (Trap Master), the Cloud of Darkness (The Bane of Life), Goblez (Thaumaturge), Exdeath (Entropic Adversary), Kefka Palazzo (Mad Mage), Sephiroth (Focused Blade), Ultimecia (Sorceress Fusilieer), Kuja (Graceful Glider), and Jecht (Brutal Blitzer).

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Soulcalibur IV: June 9th, 2009 – May 14th, 2015

JUNE 9TH, 2009: I was so surprised to get a “Press Start” Achievement with this game.

Actually, it’s not a press Start cheevo: it’s the cheevo that you get for pressing Start after watching the intro all the way through.

Recently, I recalled a fun feature that Soulcalibur II had: pre-match taunts. More games should have taunts, like Hot Shots Golf.

The criteria for unlocking treasures in the Tower of Souls mode are simple to interpret.

This must have been from back before I really tried to get into Tower of Souls. Some of them are just hard to understand because they’re so vague.

Sophitia’s Sword Shower (←+B) is good for destroying equipment.

I really didn’t do anything noteworthy today.

JUNE 22ND, 2009: I like how Soulcalibur has kept the same font over the years. Game fonts are very overlooked.

I tried to create an evil female character named LaRue, with Voldo’s fighting style!

I’m worried that she looks too youngish, but that’s a part of her creepiness.

There is one character I’d love to create, but there aren’t any suitable parts for him. -.-

I wonder why Amy took up fencing. I don’t think Raphael would force her into it.

Angol Fear is kinda creepy-looking. I’m guessing the manga artist that designed her specializes in hentai.

Hilde’s B costume is pretty.

I unlocked Endure 1,000.

There is a strange strafing element in Soulcalibur

SEPTEMBER 9TH, 2009: I popped the game in and unlocked Violent Storm! I knew I hadn’t unlocked the Wall Hit Achievement yet, but it wasn’t like I was grinding for it.

Now that’s efficiency! Thank you, Setsuka, character that I never play.

She’s pretty.

I wish all fighters had a Command Time Attack like Virtua Fighter.

I forgot how good this game looked.

It’s weird to hear Yoda speak in Japanese.

I wanna unlock the Apprentice. He’s hot.

MAY 10TH, 2010: Picked up the game again and started creating tons of characters, leading to the public outing of Lilith Raber.

Another OC that doesn’t exactly scream Soulcalibur.

Anyway. Today, we tried to create a Lady GaGa character. And I suddenly remembered how there was a rumor that GaGa had a feud with La Roux, that lady with one hit.

Ooh, burn. Actually, it’s a group, not just one person. I didn’t know that for years.

This was an unnecessary swipe because I did like those songs that were La Roux’s mainstream hits. Just not as much as GaGa’s, and not enough to delve into their library.

At least I solved the mystery of how I wound up with a character named “LaRue”. I forgot how/why I came up with the character. 😛

Not that I’m comparing them directly. Anyway!

I think that two “anyways” for what was originally a single paragraph is quite enough.

Who was the character I created before quitting the game for a while? M-hm. Scary. Actually, mostly cool.

I unlocked Smasher, and I did it on LaRue.

Can’t see myself ever unlocking all of the treasures in the tower.

JULY 17TH, 2010: I unlocked The Controller.

I got cheeky and recreated KOS-MOS from Bandai Namco’s Xenosaga III! I think she turned out pretty well.

Xenosaga II may be one of the most reviled RPG sequels of all time, but I loved Xenosaga III.

I’ve found a great weapon against most enemies: throws. Especially throws that put distance between you and your opponent, like Yun-seong’s.

Never been much of a Yun-seong player.

JULY 18TH, 2010: I dared to unlock Wild Run to Tragedy. Now that’s a name for an Achievement.

JULY 19TH, 2010: I unlocked May the Force Be With You. To be honest, Yoda’s scenario was laaame! It didn’t even feature the Apprentice. How am I gonna unlock him?

Guess who I recreated! T-elos, KOS-MOS’ nemesis from Xenosaga III.

I also recreated Emil from Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World.

I unlocked some new equipment.

JULY 20TH, 2010: Some of that equipment is endearingly… mundane.

Two funny things happened when I tried to clear Story Mode as Maxi. First, one of the lizardmen I fought rang himself out of while performing that move where he goes on all fours. Later, I rang out Ashlotte, but rang myself out after winning! Slipped right off the edge of the stage.

Isn’t Angol a terrible name? It doesn’t mean anything, it doesn’t sound cute, and worse yet for this game, it sounds too much like Algol.

Yes, I hate that name. Algol isn’t anything special, either.

I’m playing through Story Mode to earn more gold, forcing me to use characters I otherwise wouldn’t. Maxi is kind slow but packs some cool moves. Zasalamel (another clunky name, but at least it’s cooler than Algol or Angol) did not prove very effective when I used him, but his ending for Story Mode is stunning.

AUGUST 2ND, 2010: I unlocked Gathering of the Best. Yes, I finally unlocked the Apprentice’s hot… self.

Fun Fact Corner: The Apprentice was modeled after Sam Witwer, the actor that played him in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.

Witwer was originally going to voice Rhys in Tales of the Borderlands, but for some reason, they cast Troy Baker as Rhys instead. Maybe there was a scheduling conflict?

It was a pain to do it. The hardest opponent was Siegfried, for some reason.

I learned how to unlock him from a game magazine.

Ooh. Remember those?! I just get tips from the FAQr app now. It’s a life saver and a must-have for every gamer.

OCTOBER 13TH, 2014: I think that T-elos turned out better than KOS-MOS. I apparently realized that it’d be too difficult to adapt their futuristic weapons from XS, so I just gave them Soulcalibur and Souledge to contrast.

Emil looks OK, but older and less scrawny than his original self, undoubtedly due to SC‘s stubborn refusal to give you different body types to work with.

Huh, I tried to recreate Suzu from Tales of Phantasia and Rutee from Tales of Destiny as well. I forgot that I made them.

I wanted to recreate Sophie from Tales of Graces f, but there’s no hand-to-hand style in this game.

I forgot about all of those weird bonus characters designed by mangaka in the game.

Unlocked 10,000 Strikes of Proof. 24/50

I always seemed to have a relatively easy time unlocking cheevos whenever I returned to this game.

The graphics are undeniably pretty, but the characters have a glassiness to them, weirdly enough.

That was surprisingly fun.

I was fighting with a Tekken mindset, however. I forgot the controls.

I’m not entirely sure where to continue from here. It’s difficult to do a “Final Thoughts” because a fighting game this deep with so many modes is never really “final”, is it? You could probably play this game forever and not unlock everything.

I decided to play this game some more recently to see if I could get more impressions of it for this blog.

MAY 14TH, 2015: I talked about my favorite single player mode, the Tower of Lost Souls.

In this mode, you choose to ascend the Tower for missions where you can unlock new pieces of equipment for your custom characters. On each floor, you can unlock new items by achieving certain goals which are hinted at when you start a floor.

This mode uses a lot of premade custom characters, but on occasion, a Soulcalibur character will be one of your opponents. The silhouette that you see before choosing a floor tells you what kind of character that the boss of that series of floors is.

Unlocked Scorpion’s Sting. 25/20

I never won a battle with a Critical Finish before. It was even cooler because I did it with one of my customs: Millenia. :O

She has Hilde’s style, and I learned that her Lightning Horn move (->B, B, B) is good for ring outs.

Now that I know how to do Cfs, I want to do mooore.

Critical Finishes

Cfs are only possible to do under a certain condition. Your opponent must have blocked so much without landing any attacks on you, that their Soul Gauge begins to flash red. Once they’ve blocked enough, your attack with break their guard and they will stagger. Their body will emit a reddish-purple aura; this means that they are under Soul Crush. That’s when you can trigger your CF by pressing all four face buttons (or by simply pressing LB/L1 on the default shoulder button setup).

The CF is basically a super finishing move, and it looks totally awesome. Winning with a CF changes a character’s winning animation and the victory music.

After unlocking Scorpion’s Sting, my Gamerscore now ends in three sevens. :O

Similar to Street Fighter X Tekken and Tekken Tag Tournament 2, on floors where you choose multiple characters, you can switch between them. However, you can only switch when the meter in the bottom corner has a full bar. When one fighter is switched out, they regain some health.

Sometimes, you faced randomized fighters called Skeletons. They’re kinda creepy, and it’s weird how they roar like wildcats.

Character Creation and Styles

For every fighter that you create, you have to choose a fighting style for them use. As you use these fighters, or customs that use their styles, you have to level up their styles so that you customs can equip stronger skills.

Yes, SCIV has a skill system. They range from automatic grapple breaks and Guard Impacts to nullifying Ring Outs.

The highest level for each style is nine.

The kind of equipment that you give a custom changes the amount of points that they can allot into each skill type: Power, Impact, Boost, Gauge, and Special.

Every character has a joke weapon that you can eventually unlock and buy.