Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days – March 22nd, 2010 – February 16th, 2016

March 22nd, 2010: The party brought Fubuki back to Adell’s village. Rozalin used the Remedy that the party won from the Colosseum to stabilize his condition. Yukimaru was surprised but moved by the act.
The party decided to go to Shinra Tower, the home of the old man who gave them the Remedy.
Episode 11, Chapter One: Shinra Tower – Geo Challenger
Tink marveled at the height of the Tower.
“One of Dad’s books said that Shinra Tower was built by the people of Alche City so they could meet God,” explained Hanako.

Whatever possessed anyone in the Disgaea universe, of all universes, to believe that a God exists?

“But when it was done, they found out they still couldn’t meet God and there were too many steps, so they left,” continued Hanako. “It’s so stupid.”
Someone stole the old man’s herbs, but the thief was still inside the Tower.
I discovered that, if a character tries to heal a character on a tower, only the character on the bottom will be healed.
The Item World reminds me of random dungeons in games like Dark Cloud and Azure Dreams

March 23rd, 2010: For the first time ever, I maxed out the bonus gauge for a level! It was all due to a massive, Geo Panel-destroying combo, my largest ever. It did have the side effect of killing Bloodpool, however. He got better.

August 23rd, 2010: Why didn’t I write down the exact number of GPs destroyed? Anyway, today, on an IW run, I got a 554-panel combo.
I say “IW run” like it’s something radical when it’s really the only way I play the game.
The Winged Edge is really cool-looking.

February 16th, 2016: Rozalin said that Hanako would make a great demon someday.
Inside the Tower, they ran into the old Geo Master. To go through the Tower and get the herbs, we had to work through his geo traps.
After we beat the stage, Hanako and Taro asked Yukimaru how she lost her clan. Adell said that it was rude to ask point-blank like that, but Yukimaru disagreed. “…No. You are all like my family now.
My brother and I lived in a small town called ‘Snow Melody’ in Northern Veldime with others from our clan, zam. Although it was a cold place, everyone had warm hearts, and we always lived in peace, zam… But 15 years ago, when I was only 5 years old, zam. The village was attacked. Our people were massacred, but the village chief grabbed my brother and me. We barely survived, zam. My brother’s eyes were wounded, and he hasn’t seen light since then, zam…”
The game faded to red back from the graphic of Snow Melody back to  the Tower in the present.
“We trained hard with the chief so that one day, we could avenge our clan, zam.
15 years have passed since then. With his last breath, he gave us one last mission, zam. To destroy Overlord Zenon and avenge our clan. So, my brother and I set out to fulfill our mission. We traveled the world, searching for Zenon, zam.”
“I see…” said Rozalin. “So, that is why you were intent on taking my father’s life…”
“…But, the one who destroyed your clan was the fake Zenon, right?” asked Adell.
“It seems that way, zam.”
“I wonder why the fake Zenon decided to destroy your clan?”
“I don’t know that either, zam… Only the fake Zenon knows for sure…”
Adell slammed his fist into his palm. “Looks like we’ll have to confront this fake Zenon, and soon. He may be the cause of everything…”
The music that plays during Yuki-chan’s flashback is gorgeous. I think it’s called “Winter Field’s Elegy”.