Clock Tower 2 Part Four–Final Thoughts and Trivia

The difference between Jennifer’s B and C endings is her getting the note for the Door Spell translated by Professor Barton.

Jen goes up to the door and hears Kay pleading with Edward. “I know you’re a good boy.” Continue reading Clock Tower 2 Part Four–Final Thoughts and Trivia


Clock Tower 2 Part One

Clock Tower 2

Developer/Publisher (Japan): Human Entertainment

Publisher: ASCII Entertainment

Platform: PlayStation

Released (North America): October 1, 1997

Released (Japan): December 13, 1996

Released (Europe): February 1998

(Holy cow. I know that Europe tends to get games a lot later than in Japan and in the States, but dang)

Originalyl played from: April 30, 2013–May 14, 2013

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Clock Tower Final Thoughts

Cover for Clock Tower: The First Fear original soundtrack

For a game that has never officially been released in English, there is a whooole lot to talk about in regards to CT.

The Presentation

I like the realistic style of CT‘s graphics. Some of the stills were digitized, though they have a slight illustrative look, as if the stills were touched up after being captured. For a 16-bit horror game, it works surprisingly well.

The music and sound are pretty effective, probably moreso because most of the gameplay is quite silent until something scary or emotional happens. Continue reading Clock Tower Final Thoughts

VGJ Quickie: Clock Tower

Clock Tower box art. I love it.

Clock Tower

System: Super Famicom

Publisher/Developer: Human Entertainment

Released: September 14th, 1995

CT was one of the first games I played through when I first started emulating old games out of curiosity. I joked that I would emulate games until the FBI knocked on my door – and if they did, to please send Norman Jayden from Heavy Rain.

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Friday Favorites #2: Creepy Video Game Music

October is nigh, and unlike last year, we’re going all the way with horror games this upcoming month. As a prelude, I’d like to share some of my favorite scary songs from games. They don’t all have to be from horror games, mind you.

You have been warned!

1. “My Heaven”, Silent Hill

Story time: I somehow didn’t realize how truly creepy this song is until I did a “30 Days Meme” for SH back on Tumblr. Just… listen.

2. “Don’t Cry Jennifer”, Clock Tower (SNES)

Question: Is Don’t Cry, Jennifer one of the best video game chase themes of all time? Answer: Yes.

Every element of this song works so well: the rhythm that sounds like a heartbeat; the strange sound that’s probably the laughter of the Scissorman; the tense strings…

3. “Trail of Blood”, Final Fantasy VII

This song accompanies some creepy moments involving Sephiroth. I like the strings.

4. “Hoshingoeka”, Siren

While this song is more atmospheric than scary, I also really like it musically. The Japanese lyrics sync up with the tale of the doomed village really well.

5. “escape from u.b.”, Parasite Eve

You’re Aya Brea, a badass cop with “good” evolved mitochondria awakened by a chance encounter with an opera singer who also unknowingly possessed evil evolved mitochondria. As Aya, you’re pretty desperate to save the world from the titular Eve’s offspring, the so-called Ultimate Being. Eventually, you seriously wound U.B., but he just refuses to die. So you retreat into the bowels of a Navy carrier to overlord the engines, hopefully taking U.B. with it. He chases after you, slowly picking up speed, with this playing in the background. 

Do you have any favorite creepy songs from video games?